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Decision Comes Into Effect When Salary For Next Month Is Paid Minister of Electricity, Water, Renewable Energy, Social Affairs, Labor and Community Development, Dr. Mishaan Al-Otaibi, has issued a ministerial decision to postpone the payment of installments for ... May 03, 2021 1899 Category: Kuwait
Employees To Get Full Salaries For May Without Any Deduction Of Loan Installments The salaries for the month of May will be disbursed to employees on time without deducting any consumer premiums for banks or installments owed to government institutions, reports Al-Anba daily quotin... May 02, 2021 2802 Category: Kuwait
School Guards Suffering As Salaries Delayed Days after a video of an Egyptian school guard, Mohammed Kamal Jaafar, went viral where he bemoaned that he hadn’t received his salary for over five months, a similar incident was reported of an... April 27, 2021 127 Category: Kuwait
No Complaints Received On Delayed Salaries Of Cleaning Workers Minister of Commerce Abdullah Al-Salman said his ministry did not receive complaints about the delayed payment of salaries for cleaning workers or others over the last five years, reports Al-Qabas dai... April 24, 2021 243 Category: Kuwait
MPs Stand For Expat Unpaid Salaries A number of MPs have responded positively to an Egyptian working as security guard in a school after he appeared in a video clip complaining that he did not receive his salary for the past five months... April 20, 2021 1854 Category: Expats
‘Comprehensive Salary’ To Reduce Dependency On Oil Revenues Vital Oil revenues constitute the lion’s share of Gulf government’s revenues, which allows them to maintain a low level of taxes. However, the large dependence of the citizens of Gulf countries ... April 06, 2021 468 Category: Kuwait
$75/bbl Is Bare Minimum To Pay Salaries In Kuwait IN ORDER to meet our government’s annual salary of KD 16 billion, the oil price should reach $70 on a daily basis for a full year. Any figure below this will cause scratching of the head to find... March 21, 2021 380 Category: Kuwait
Public Sector Salaries Jumped 4 Billion Dinars In 10 Years Arabic local newspaper Alanba reported that The total salaries paid to workers in the public sector and included in the Kuwaiti budget witnessed a jump of 4 billion dinars during the past 10 years, du... March 16, 2021 289 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Of Education Stops Pay Check Of 600 Teachers The Ministry of Education has suspended the salaries of nearly 600 teachers, who the ministry calls ‘the new stranded teachers’, who were reportedly confined supposed to be working in vari... March 08, 2021 220 Category: Education
‘Report To Work Or No Salary’ In a preliminary step to halt the disbursement of salaries, the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education Affairs at the Ministry of Education Osama Al-Sultan has requested for the names of non- K... March 03, 2021 944 Category: Expats
Kuwaiti Men And Women Arrested For Receiving Salaries Without Working For It A group of Kuwaiti men and women have been arrested after it was proven that they illegally received the financial support intended for national manpower working in the private sector by registering i... February 23, 2021 1959 Category: Crime News
Amendments To Labour Law Eyed According to reliable sources, the concerned departments in the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) have started preparing amendments to some of the legal articles contained in the labor law issued in... February 14, 2021 500 Category: Expats
Employees Outside Kuwait Getting Paid Despite Of A Decision To Stop Paying Salaries The Ministry of Education recently discovered that a large number of its employees, who are currently outside the country, continue to receive their salaries despite the issuance of a decision to stop... January 24, 2021 335 Category: Kuwait
Salaries, Work Environment, Company Reputation Top Attributes In Kuwait For 2021 A new survey by and YouGov focuses on current trends in employee attraction, retention, and engagement from both the employee and employer perspectives. The Attraction and Retention of Talent... January 17, 2021 288 Category: Kuwait
Fuel Station Employees Stage Protest, Demand Delayed Salaries On Tuesday, Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) fuel station employees staged an organized protest after claiming that their salaries have been delayed for four months, Al Qabas reported. The ... January 02, 2021 329 Category: Information
Bedoun Teachers Should Get Equal Salary Like GCC, Arab Counterparts MP Marzouq Al-Khalifa submitted a bill on making Bedoun teachers in the Ministry of Education equal with their GCC and Arab counterparts in terms of salaries and promotion. He also forwarded queries t... December 26, 2020 220 Category: Education
PAM Deducts Salaries Of SMEs Owners With Expired Licenses he salaries of Kuwaiti small enterprise owners, registered under Chapter 5, have evaporated because of the lack of coordination between the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and the Ministry of Comm... December 20, 2020 253 Category: Information
Civil Service Denies The Validity Of Reducing The Salaries Of Employees The Civil Service Bureau denied what some are saying about reducing the basic employees’ salary for this year by 10 and 20 dinars from their basic salaries that they were receiving in 2019. I... December 16, 2020 696 Category: Information
90% Of SME Owners Unable To Pay Rents, Salaries More than 90 percent of the owners of small enterprises in Kuwait are unable to pay rents and their employees’ salaries due to the losses they sustained as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, rep... December 07, 2020 530 Category: Business
Accelerating Budget Deficit Threatens Salaries The Ministry of Finance announced a recent update of the main data for the 2020/2021 budget raised the expected deficit to KD14.055 billion dinars, compared to KD7.714 billion in the estimated budget,... November 24, 2020 430 Category: Kuwait