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Authorized Signature Service has been added to the Sahel App The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has launched a new electronic service to the Sahel Business app, aimed at streamlining and simplifying transactions for its customers. The new service allows fo... April 27, 2023 309 Category: Kuwait
Sahel App Now Offers A Citizen Suggestion And Complaint Feature According to Youssef Kazem, the spokesperson for the unified government application for electronic services, Sahel, the Ministry of Defense has launched a new service through the app that enables it t... December 24, 2022 197 Category: Sahel App
The Ministry Of Information Launched Three New Services Through Sahel As part of its strategy for digital transformation, the Ministry of Information launched three of its own services through Sahel, the unified government application for electronic services. Anwar M... December 22, 2022 270 Category: Sahel App
Sahel Adds More E-services To The EPA's Platform Citizens and residents will benefit from the addition of services to the application "Sahel" by the Environment Public Authority. According to Sheikha Al-Ibrahim, Director of the Public R... December 22, 2022 229 Category: Sahel App
14 Paci Services only through SAHEL app , not available inperson any more According to an Arab daily, the Public Authority for Civil Information has suspended the in-person review of 14 services, and will instead use the unified government application (Sahel) to process the... October 23, 2022 2513 Category: Sahel App
Through Sahel, PACI Launches "To Whom It May Concern" Certificates An Arab daily reported that the Public Authority for Civil Information has launched a new service for issuing "To Whom It May Concern" certificates through the unified government application... October 17, 2022 307 Category: Sahel App
Health Fitness Certificates Are Issued To Citizens Via Sahel Today, the Ministry of Health has launched a new electronic service through the unified government electronic application Sahel, through which citizens can receive the electronic health fitness certif... October 03, 2022 379 Category: Sahel App
For Direct Communication With Ministers, Sahel Launches 'Contact Us' According to Yousef Kazem, the official spokesperson for Sahel, the unified government application of electronic services, the "Contact Us" service was launched to allow citizens to communic... August 21, 2022 198 Category: Sahel App
In Just 10 Months, Sahel Attracts 655,000 Users And Delivers 246 Government Services Youssef Kazem, the spokesman for the unified government electronic services application (Sahel), stated that since the program's inception ten months ago, there have been roughly 655,000 users and... August 03, 2022 241 Category: Sahel App
The Sahel App; PACI Offers Dweller Data Services A new dweller data service was added to the government Sahel application on Tuesday by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). According to a press release issued by PACI, the new service a... July 26, 2022 377 Category: Sahel App
Sahel App Adds 2 New Services Al-Jarida daily reports that Dr. Rana Al-Faris, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Communications and Information Technology, said the Sahel app has gained the trust of 584,666 users. The ... July 05, 2022 607 Category: Sahel App
Sahel Offers New Services Under The Guidance Of Dr Al-Saeed And Dr Reda Dr Abdullah Al-Sanad, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said the ministry is now offering new services through the Sahel, the unified government application for electronic services, under the di... May 17, 2022 227 Category: Sahel App
How To Update Your Mobile No In PACI Using Kuwait Sahel App "Sahel" App is a Unified Government Application for e-services for various government agencies. Through this application, the citizen and resident can perform their services and transactions... April 13, 2022 7698 Category: Sahel App
How To Update Your Email In PACI Using Sahel App Step 1 - Logon to Shael App Download Sahel Android App - Download Sahel IOS App - Step 2- At Bottom From Right to Left Clcik Seco... April 13, 2022 733 Category: Sahel App
PACI Adds Two New Services The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has launched a new option to the 'Sahel'application that allows citizens to alter their phone numbers and email addresses. Kuwaitis and ex-... April 03, 2022 2837 Category: Kuwait
‘Interior’ Launches Exclusive Service On ‘Sahel’ The Ministry of Interior has launched a new and exclusive electronic inquiry service on the Sahel application concerning transactions. Al-Jarida quoting the official spokesman for the unified gover... December 27, 2021 361 Category: Sahel App
PACI Adds 'Lost And Replacement', 'Adding Photo' Features Through 'Sahel' App The Public Authority for Civil Information PACI announced the launch of new services through the unified government application (Sahel App) for electronic services. The new online services through ... December 22, 2021 678 Category: Sahel App
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