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‘Chinese Vaccine Safe, Low-cost’ The Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait, H.E. Li Minggang, confirmed the existence of cooperation between Kuwait and China regarding the vaccines proposed to confront ‘Corona’ with their particip... January 27, 2021 522 Category: Coronavirus
Will Temperature Checks Of Employees Make Workplaces Safe? Will temperature checks of employees make workplaces safe? No, not completely. They can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections but shouldn’t be the only safety measure employers take. Some ... June 02, 2020 1790 Category: Coronavirus
Metformin Product For Treating Diabetics Used In Kuwait Is Safe - MOH The Assistant Undersecretary for Drug and Food Control Affairs at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Badr, confirmed today, that the metformin product for treating diabetics used in Kuwait is saf... June 02, 2020 770 Category: Health
Weight-loss Pill Said To Have Proven Safe - MoH Summons Fashionistas The Ministry of Health is calling a number of wellknown users of social media working in the ministry – doctors, pharmacists and others for investigation following violations of articles 24, 25 ... July 24, 2019 325 Category: Kuwait
Playing Safe In Front Of Wife Or Duplicate Key? In a strange incident an Arab man went to the Hawalli Police Station to file a strange case, reports Al-Anba daily. He told the police officer on duty that he found strange objects (make up) in his ca... April 29, 2019 369 Category: Crime News
We Feel Safe With An Ally Like UK – Exemplary Ties Hailed Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Jarallah said on Wednesday that Kuwait is looking forward to strengthening ties with the United Kingdom, adding that Kuwait feels safe when it has an ally lik... January 24, 2019 482 Category: Kuwait
EQUATE Achieves Over 50 Million Continuous Safe Work Hours Continuing its industrial records, the EQUATE Group, a global producer of petrochemicals, achieved over 50 million continuous safe work hours without a day away from work case (DAWC) throughout its in... September 26, 2018 403 Category: Business
Metaphage 500 Mg Declared Safe For Diabetics Assistant Undersecretary for Drug and Food Control at the Ministry of Health Dr Abdullah Al-Bader said ‘Metaphage 500 mg’ which is given for diabetes patients is safe, reports Al-Jarida da... May 04, 2018 469 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Real Estates In Basra City Are Safe Kuwaiti real estates in Basra city are safe and there is no power that could change the status of the properties’ ownership, said an Iraqi official Tuesday. Speaking to KUNA while meeting with a... April 04, 2018 510 Category: Kuwait
MOCI Announced That Kuwaiti Market Is Safe And Free From Any Plastic Rice Products Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced Wednesday that the Kuwaiti market is safe and free from any “plastic rice” products after receiving test results from the ministry’s labs.... August 24, 2017 465 Category: Kuwait
Bo Shehri Confirmed That The Drinking Water Produced By Zour Distillation Plant Is Safe Ministry of Electricity and Water Undersecretary Eng Muhammad Bo Shehri has reassured citizens and expatriates that the country’s water production is at its best; with strategic water reserve of... August 17, 2017 558 Category: Kuwait
All Kuwaitis In Greece Are Safe After The Earthquake Kuwait’s Ambassador to Greece Saud Al-Duwaish stressed on Friday that all Kuwaitis in Greece are safe, after the earthquake that hit several coastal areas of the country earlier today. The ambas... July 22, 2017 617 Category: International
All Citizens In Turkey Are Safe After Quake Kuwait All Citizens in Turkey are safe, affirmed Consul General in Istanbul Mohammad Al-Mohammad on Friday. The statement came on the heels of a 6.7-magnitude quake that hit near Turkey and Greece ear... July 22, 2017 728 Category: International
Kuwaitis In Manila Safe After Resorts World Attack Kuwait's Embassy in the Philippines announced that all Kuwaiti nationals were safe after the attack on a casino and hotel complex in the capital Manila which killed 38 people more t... June 02, 2017 1332 Category: Crime News
CBK Assures Local Banks Are Safe From Any Form Of Hacking As the spate of global hacking continues unabated at government websites, hospitals and big companies — with the most recent of such deadly viruses being Ransomeware, the Central Bank of Kuwait ... June 01, 2017 548 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Woman Has Filed A Complaint Accusing Her Husband Of Stealing The Safe Containing Jewelry A young Kuwaiti woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing her husband of ‘stealing’ the safe containing jewelry and gold ornaments belonging to their daughter. The wife said the... February 28, 2017 696 Category: Crime News
Kuwaitis Safe From Ohio State University Violence Kuwait Embassy affirmed that its nationals in the United States are safe after a man attacked people at Ohio State University (OSU) earlier Monday. In a statement the embassy called on ... November 29, 2016 701 Category: Information
Kuwaitis In Japan Safe After Earthquake Kuwaiti citizens in Japan are safe following a 7.4 magnitude earthquake that struck northeastern Japan on Tuesday. In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the Kuwaiti embassy also advised all ... November 23, 2016 718 Category: Kuwait
Majority Of People Feel Safe, Secure In Kuwait In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers shared the sense and degree of safety they feel in Kuwait. The majority of voters attested to feeling a high degree of safety and security in Ku... November 03, 2016 1030 Category: Kuwait
Assurance On DNA Sampling Ministry of Interior has assured all citizens, expatriates and visitors to Kuwait that the DNA law will not violate or affect their personal freedom and privacy, insisting that the aim of the law is t... September 19, 2016 1525 Category: Crime News
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