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Full-Scale Nuclear War Of US vs Russia Could Kill 5 Billion People; Study shows Nuclear war today would lead to the death of five billion people, with a global famine, caused by soot blocking sunlight, likely killing far more people than lethal blasts. Scientists at Rutgers Un... August 16, 2022 401 Category: International
Global Food Crisis Hasn't Affected Gulf Countries "Why hasn't the food crisis impacted the Gulf countries yet?" the article asks. According to CNN, Russia's conflict with Ukraine has triggered a catastrophic food crisis in certain n... May 04, 2022 221 Category: Business
Oil Surges On Fears Of Supply Disruptions Amid Ukraine-Russia Tensions The Ukraine-Russia crisis is causing oil and gas prices to rise across the globe on fears of disruption. Tuesday, the price of Brent crude oil reached a seven-year high of $99.38 per barrel (£... February 22, 2022 206 Category: International
The Ukraine Rebel Regions Will Be Recognized As Independent By Putin   According to the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin has done a joint press conference with leaders of France and Germany on plans to recognise the two breakaway provinces in eastern Ukraine as independ... February 22, 2022 203 Category: International
Russia, Kyiv Stop Timber For Kuwait The Ministry of Electricity and Water said Russia and Ukraine have stopped exporting timber to countries around the world, including Kuwait, for various reasons, reports Al-Jarida daily. The ministry ... January 31, 2022 195 Category: Kuwait
WHO Approved Russian And Chinese Vaccines Rejected By Kuwait Despite Opening WHO’s Regional Office The World Health Organization – which recently opened its regional office in Kuwait after other Gulf countries rejected it – has given its nod to the Russian and Chinese vaccines, while Ku... June 26, 2021 1401 Category: Kuwait
Russia Announces Participation Of 60,000 People In Testing Corona Vaccine Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin in Russia announced that more than 60,000 people will take part in a Corona vaccine test in the Russian capital.  He said during an interview with “Russia 1&... September 20, 2020 498 Category: Coronavirus
Russia Sells 100 Million Doses Of The Covid-19 Vaccine To India The Russian sovereign wealth fund said, today, Wednesday, that it agreed to supply a hundred million doses of the (Sputnik-V) vaccine to counter the emerging corona virus of the Indian drug company (D... September 16, 2020 1364 Category: Coronavirus
Russia Begins Clinical Trials Of Its Vaccine Against Covid-19 On 40 Thousand People The Russian Direct Investment Fund said today, that Russia is starting a new phase of clinical trials of the “Sputnik-5” vaccine against the emerging corona virus, which will include more ... August 26, 2020 875 Category: Coronavirus
Russia Exports Corona Medicine to more than 15 Countries Director-General of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriyev said that Russia has exported “Avavavir” medicine for the treatment of people infected with coronaviruses to 15 coun... August 04, 2020 4015 Category: Coronavirus
CHINA BACKS IRAN…RUSSIA WARNS OF U.S. PRESSURE It started with a surprise statement on a Sunday night that the US was rushing military forces to counter alleged Iranian threats. What followed were two weeks of bombastic rhetoric and swells of fear... May 19, 2019 1336 Category: International
Kuwait Keen On Developing Economic Ties With Russia Kuwait is keen on developing economic relations with Russia, said Ali Al-Ghanim, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) on Tuesday. Urging the promotion of cooperation levels, chiefl... December 19, 2018 371 Category: International
Kuwait, Russia, Saudi And US Criticized For Rejecting Report On Climate Change Global Social Media websites have criticized Kuwait, Russian, Saudi Arabia and the United States for rejecting special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented at the 2... December 14, 2018 548 Category: Kuwait
Russia, Kuwait Discuss Possible Construction Of Nuclear Power Plant Kuwait is considering the possibility of constructing a nuclear power plant in coordination with Russia, reports Annahar daily. The Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak disclosed that his cou... January 24, 2017 1411 Category: Kuwait
Russia Has Emerged As A New Tourist Hotspot For Kuwaiti And Gulf Citizens Russia has emerged as a new tourist destination for Kuwaiti and Gulf citizens, after the ninth most populous nation attracted some 32 million visitors in 2015. In March, Russia opened a national touri... December 12, 2016 1340 Category: Information
Oil Prices Rise To Their Highest This Month Oil prices rose on Tuesday to their highest this month as a growing consensus emerged in the market that OPEC would overcome internal disputes and scepticism to strike a deal that materially reduces c... November 22, 2016 3295 Category: Kuwait
Russia Repays 1.7bn Dollars To Kuwait Russia has repaid Soviet-era debt to Kuwait of $1.72 billion, the Russian finance ministry said on Friday. The principal debt stood at $1.1 billion, while interests amounted to $620 million, it sai... May 21, 2016 2546 Category: Kuwait
Couple From Kerala Among 62 Killed In Russia Plane Crash A couple from Kerala was among the 62 people killed on Saturday in a plane crash in Russia's Rostov-on-Don city, officials said. The FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 from Dubai missed the runway as it... March 20, 2016 1209 Category: Kuwait
62 people Died in Fly Dubai Plane Crash The plane, Boeing 737, was flying from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don The plane crashed while it was making its second attempt to land in poor visibility 44 Russians, eight Ukrainians, two Indians and ... March 19, 2016 2026 Category: Kuwait
Russia Withdrawal Will Force Al Assad To Make Concessions Russia’s partial withdrawal of forces from Syria is “a very positive step”, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said on Wednesday, adding he hoped it would compel Pr... March 17, 2016 1096 Category: Kuwait
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