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AIDS-hit Filipino Running Massage Parlor Personnel from the General Department of Residence Investigations raided a massage institute run by a Filipino, arrested him and referred him to the concerned authorities because the man is allegedly ... February 23, 2020 1857 Category: Crime News
Syrian Arrested For Running Butt-naked On A Main Road A Syrian expatriate was arrested for running butt-naked on a main road in Khaitan area. According to security sources, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received information about a nak... January 05, 2020 271 Category: Crime News
Legal Action Against MOI Officer For Running Over Traffic Police The Ministry of Interior has initiated legal action against the officer working for the Ministry of Interior (earlier it was mentioned he is working for the Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Scien... November 27, 2019 517 Category: Crime News
8 Inmates Accused Of Running Drug Cartel In Central Prison The Criminal Court acquitted eight inmates of the Central Prison who were accused of forming and running a drug cartel inside the prison. According to the case file, the Public Prosecution charged ... May 26, 2019 545 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Arrested For Running 3 Fake Accounts On Twitter A Kuwaiti citizen has been arrested for running three fake accounts on Twitter and publishing offensive posts, reports Aljarida daily. According to sources, when the concerned security authorities ... November 15, 2018 437 Category: Crime News
Woman dies in tragic mishap – Run-over by young Kuwaiti man Qadisiya securitymen arrested a young Kuwaiti man, in his 20s, for running over a female compatriot in her 40s who died on the spot, reports Alrai daily. A security source disclosed the tragic acci... November 11, 2018 721 Category: Crime News
GCC Man Acquitted Of Gun-running The Court of Appeals has overturned the verdict of the Court of First Instance that sentenced a GCC national to three years in prison with hard labor and KD 1,000 fine over alleged gun running. The ap... October 17, 2018 370 Category: Crime News
Indian Woman Arrested For Running Unlicensed Playschool The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) remanded in custody an Indian woman who ran an unlicensed nursery inside a bachelors’ residence.  According to local media report, the suspec... September 05, 2018 1199 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested Two Indians For Running A Liquor Factory The Mubarak Al-Kabir police have arrested two Indians for running a liquor factory in an apartment in Al-Qurain, reports Al-Rai daily. According to security sources police acting on a tip-off lay in w... April 01, 2018 452 Category: Crime News
22 African Expats Arrested For Running Fake Domestic Labor Office Officers from the General Department for Residency Affairs arrested 22 African expatriates from a bogus domestic labor office after receiving reports from a number of Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates ... August 29, 2017 462 Category: Crime News
GCC National And An African Pimp Were Arrested For Running A Business Of Flesh Pleasure A GCC national and an African pimp were arrested for running a business of flesh pleasure. According to a security source, the GCC suspect recruited a 23-year-old African woman who paid $2,500 to s... August 09, 2017 517 Category: Crime News
CID Have Arrested An Officer For Running Prostitution Network Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department have arrested an officer and Chinese women for practicing prostitution, detectives after receiving information about the man set trap and contacted... May 27, 2017 2266 Category: Crime News
Asian Woman Arrested For Running Brothel House The officers arrested an Asian woman for running a brothel along with four women who entered the country on visit visas and another woman on work visa. Public Relations and Security Media Department a... March 29, 2017 908 Category: Crime News
Criminal Court Has Opened Doors To Continue Its Hearing On The Case Involving Abdul Aziz Al Shamlan Whos Accused Of Running Over The Criminal Court has opened doors to continue its hearing on the case involving Abdul-Aziz Al-Shamlan who’s accused of running over, stabbing and murdering Martyr Turki Al-Enezi and set the he... March 20, 2017 823 Category: Crime News
5 Asians Arrested For Running Alcohol Manufacturing Factory Acting on a tip-off personnel from the Kuwait Municipality raided a house in Mubarak Al-Kabir and arrested five Asians for turning the apartment into a alcohol manufacturing factory. The daily added, ... March 12, 2017 597 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested 2 Egyptians For Running Brothel Police have arrested two Egyptians for running a brothel under the cover of domestic labor office. A security source said the arrest came after the owner supplied a maid to an unidentified undercover ... March 10, 2017 669 Category: Crime News
2 Asian Men Were Arrested For Running A Liquor Factory Two Asian men were arrested for running a liquor factory in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area.  According to security sources, when Farwaniya securitymen received information about two Asian men who were us... February 24, 2017 588 Category: Crime News
Duo Arrested For Running A Bogus Maids Office Officers from the Residency Investigation Affairs General Department in the Interior Ministry arrested a Citizen and Egyptian on charges of running a bogus domestic helpers office and using it to trad... February 21, 2017 813 Category: Crime News
5 Ethiopians Arrested For Running Fake Maids Office Residency Affairs Department detectives arrested five Ethiopian nationals on charges of running a bogus domestic helpers office and using it to trade in absconding domestic workers , the suspects were... January 24, 2017 906 Category: Crime News
Indian National Was Arrested For Running Local Liquor Factory Inside A House An Indian national was arrested for running local liquor factory inside a house in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area , Farwaniya securitymen confiscated barrels , bottles and equipment used for manufacturing liq... November 30, 2016 1237 Category: Crime News
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