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Inflation Rise In India's Food Prices               ... July 13, 2022 236 Category: India
Kuwait's Airfares Rise By 70-150% In some cases, Kuwait has reported an increase of 70% to 150 percent in the price of air tickets. KUNAH reported that Kuwaiti tourists chose the UK, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Egypt as their... May 01, 2022 597 Category: Travel
Gold And Oil Prices Rise Dramatically; Asian Markets Plunge Today, the price of oil and gold continued to rise. The price of gold briefly surpassed the two thousand dollars per ounce mark. The ramifications of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the global economy ca... March 08, 2022 289 Category: Information
Kuwait aims to curtail the suicidal epidemic It was announced Monday that the Kuwaiti Sociologists Association has launched a campaign to curb suicide, a phenomena that has been observed gaining momentum in Kuwait, especially during the COVID-19... February 07, 2022 202 Category: Kuwait
Rise In Oil Prices Provides Opportunities For Kuwait, Will Govt Take Advantage? MEED magazine said in a report that for years, the high level of public spending in Kuwait and the relative lack of liquid assets heralded a looming liquidity crisis, adding that the Covid-19 pandemic... January 08, 2022 168 Category: Business
A Barrel Of Kuwait Oil Rises To $82.96 The price of a barrel of Kuwait oil rose by $1.14 to reach $82.96 a barrel in trading on Tuesday, compared to $81.82 in trading yesterday, according to the price announced by the Kuwait Petroleum Corp... November 17, 2021 187 Category: Business
Residency Violators Rise To 180,000 Due To Absence Of Inspection Campaigns The number of residency violators in Kuwait rose to a record number as it reached 180,000. The number of illegal residents has increased by 38 percent from what they were five months ago due to the ab... January 19, 2021 292 Category: Kuwait
Use Of Social Media During Corona Sees Big Rise In 20 President of the Global Electronic Media Club in Kuwait Hind Al-Nahedh said the isolation and lockdown measures implemented in Kuwait from March 2020 to September 2020 to counter the spread of COVID-1... January 01, 2021 255 Category: Technology
Online Shopping On The Rise A recent study by  Mastercard, the multinational financial services corporation, has revealed a rapid growth in online shopping in the region during the ongoing pandemic period. Nearly three out ... November 25, 2020 389 Category: Kuwait
Increased Risks From Rise In ‘joblessness’  The State Audit Bureau, in its assessment report on the efficiency and effectiveness of the employment system at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) during the period from 2017 to 2018 when compa... September 19, 2020 713 Category: Kuwait
Suicide Cases On Rise In Kuwait - Indian Commits Suicide An Indian resident committed suicide in a bathroom of his company. The suicide took place at the company’s headquarters in the Shuaiba region, one of the workers found the Indian expat hanged hi... June 05, 2020 1954 Category: Crime News
India’s Coronavrius Cases Rise To 9352 - No New Case In 25 Districts For 14 Days Fifty one people died in the last 24 hours taking total toll 324 The penultimate day of 21-day lockdown saw the number of coronavirus cases in the country reach 9352 with 905 new cases reported in ... April 14, 2020 900 Category: Coronavirus
Recent Study Warned Of Rise And Expansion Of Visa Trade Markets A recent study warned of the rise and expansion of visa trade markets in the Gulf countries in light of the strict security restrictions on the citizens of many Arab countries, especially the Arab Spr... December 17, 2019 273 Category: Kuwait
Phenomenon Of Drug Addiction On Rise Among Defense At a time when the security services have redoubled their efforts to combat the scourge of drug addiction, responsible security sources have warned of the phenomenon of drug addiction afflicting perso... December 16, 2019 258 Category: Kuwait
Corruption Reports On Rise In what is seen as the first time in the history of Kuwait, spokesman for the Public Authority for Anti-Corruption ‘Nazaha’, deputy secretary- general speaking on the issue of corruption a... December 11, 2019 369 Category: Kuwait
Number Of Tragic Accidents Increased The number of tragic accidents has increased remarkably in the last three months and the most common causes of such accidents are driving beyond the speed limit, reckless driving and failure to focus ... November 13, 2019 403 Category: Kuwait
Temperatures To Rise More Then 50° Celsius Until 28th of this Month Kuwait’s weather has entered a ‘gale of fury’ that is expected to continue until the 28th of this month, with temperatures rising more than 50 degrees Celsius, reports Al-Rai daily. ... July 17, 2019 447 Category: Kuwait
Number Of Kuwaiti Millionaires On The Rise The number of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) is on the rise in Kuwait, ranking second in the GCC and 17th worldwide. Kuwaiti nationals owning at least one million dollars increased by eight per... July 10, 2019 547 Category: Kuwait
Steep Rise Seen In Ramadan Sales The sales of consumer products in cooperative societies have increased by 25% and 40% since the beginning of Ramadan, and offers and festivals have succeeded in attracting customers, reports Al-Qabas ... May 28, 2019 333 Category: Kuwait
Expats Leaving Kuwait After Rise In Living Cost Causes Big Slump In Real Estate Investment Sector Secretary-General of the Real Estate Union Qais Al-Ghanim said that the real estate investment sector (apartments) will witness more pressure during the coming period with the increasing number of the... April 21, 2019 339 Category: Kuwait
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