News On Restrictions
Relaxation Of Restrictions Under Discussion The government is reported to be considering several measures to relax restrictions, in view of the improvements in epidemiological conditions and increased pace of vaccinations in recent weeks. Some... June 05, 2021 1461 Category: Kuwait
Yet Another Extension For Expats With Expired Residence Permits Kuwait has announced another grace period for expats living without residence in the country, offering them one month to either to legalise their status or exit the country, Minister of Interior Sheik... April 16, 2021 1760 Category: Expats
Ambassadors And Diplomats Exempted From Curfew Restrictions The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has exempted all ambassadors and diplomats from curfew restrictions imposed in the country from 7 March. In a circular released by the foreign ministry protocol affa... March 07, 2021 344 Category: Lockdown
Possibility Of Restrictions Being Extended, Decisions Under Review The decisions imposed from February 7 to act as a measure to limit the spread of the COVID- 19 virus is under review by the COVID-19 Emergency Committee has this week, and will refers its recommendati... March 03, 2021 1234 Category: Lockdown
Restrictions Could Be Extended – Decisions Under Review The COVID-19 Emergency Committee has this week been reviewing the decisions imposed since February 7 to limit the spread of the COVID- 19 virus, which are scheduled to end next Sunday, provided it ref... March 02, 2021 1145 Category: Kuwait
Restrictions Reintroduced To Contain COVID-19 Infections The precautionary measures announced by the government last week are intended to contain and curtail the spread of COVID-19 infections in the country. The increased rate of infections in recent weeks ... February 06, 2021 673 Category: Coronavirus
The Temporary Travel Restrictions For Inbound And Outbound Passengers In The Philippines On its recent update, the Philippine Embassy in Qatar shared an announcement made by the Bureau of Immigration of the Republic of the Philippines regarding the latest updates on The Temporary Travel R... October 31, 2020 534 Category: Travel
India Eases Visa, Travel Restrictions For Foreign Nationals And Overseas Citizens As per recent instructions regarding Visa and Travel restrictions in response to COVID-19, the Government of India has permitted the following foreign nationals, who intend to visit India by water rou... October 27, 2020 573 Category: India
No Travel Restrictions On Kuwaitis And Expats During The Home Quarantine Period An official source at the Kuwait International Airport confirmed that there are no restrictions on Kuwaitis and expatriates, under domestic quarantine, wishing to travel abroad. “The airport ... October 18, 2020 1305 Category: Travel
Kuwait Sets New Restrictions To Curb The Rising Infection Rate Global coronavirus cases rose by more than 400,000 for the first time late on Friday, a record one-day increase. While Kuwait has successfully managed to tamp down the first wave of infections, but no... October 18, 2020 1321 Category: Coronavirus
Saudi Arabia To Lift COVID-19 Travel Restrictions After January 1 Saudi Arabia will partially lift its suspension of international flights from Tuesday for a limited number of people with exceptional circumstances. The interior ministry said all interna... September 13, 2020 891 Category: Saudi Arabia
Restrictions Pushing Around 400 Travel And Tourism Offices Towards Bankruptcy The Kuwaiti Travel and Tourism Agencies Association (KTTAA) revealed that more than 430 travel and tourism offices are facing bankruptcy and judicial prosecution under the restrictions that have harme... August 21, 2020 924 Category: Kuwait
Taxis Fares Reached Sky High The pandemic affected every aspect of Life And Business Activities, in every part of the world; Kuwait has also faced the same thing. One of the most important things in our life is Safe Commuting, fr... August 15, 2020 3205 Category: Lockdown
Restrictions Put On Work Permits Labor departments at the Public Authority for Manpower has prevented the transfer of work permits (from one company to another) for those working in private sector who are over 65 years old despite th... July 18, 2020 2561 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait’s Amnesty Offer A Risky Reprieve For Some Migrant Workers Kuwait’s amnesty for irregular workers started on April 1 and will run until April 30. Migrants who have overstayed their visas or are otherwise undocumented will be allowed to leave the country... April 12, 2020 1592 Category: Automotive
Kuwait To Relax Visa Restrictions For Pakistanis Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Sunday urged the Kuwait government to review its visa restriction policy for Pakistan, according to a statement issued by the Foreign Office. “Pakista... May 20, 2019 588 Category: Kuwait
Age Restrictions For Parents Visit Visa I am willing to bring my parents to Kuwait on visit visa. So could u pls advise me whether there is any age restrictions for getting visit visa for them.   Name withheld Answer: You can ... April 20, 2019 981 Category: Visit Visa
Its Not Information Update, Its Restrictions It seems the main duty of the administration affairs employees in local companies is to follow-up oppressive decisions issued by the government from time to time in terms of continuous update of infor... April 09, 2019 284 Category: Opinion
Kuwait MoI To Address Prisons Overcrowding Kuwait Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor agreed to form a special committee tasked with solving overcrowding in Kuwait prisons, MoI Undersecretary Gen. Mahmoud Al-Doseri said Sunday. H... January 22, 2018 1149 Category: Kuwait
China Tightens Restrictions On Religious Freedom China has tightened regulations on religious freedom, intensifying punishments for unsanctioned activities and increasing its supervision of certain groups in a bid to “block extremism” an... September 10, 2017 570 Category: International