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GCC Private Sector Faces Historic Responsibility Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) hosted on Thursday the 51st Meeting of the GCC Council of Chambers Union with participation of delegations from all chambers and their federations. Du... June 21, 2019 357 Category: Business
Pricing Responsibility Of Ministry Of Commerce The director of the Cooperative Societies Development Department in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Hayam Al-Khudair, stressed on the need to develop the performance and tasks of the adminis... January 28, 2019 339 Category: Business
National Guard To Protect Oil The National Guard has officially taken over the responsibility of securing and protecting the oil installations which till then was the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior, reports Al-Rai dail... January 24, 2019 489 Category: Kuwait
KAC Responsibility Is Limited To Ferrying Travelers To Destinations The young Saudi woman who flew to Bangkok on Kuwait Airways Flight 413 on Saturday, Jan 5, 2019, has attracted worldwide attention after she was allegedly arrested by the Bangkok authorities for &lsqu... January 09, 2019 474 Category: International
Cannot Continue For Long The government complains of clear lack of understanding about the philosophy of taxation and does not wish to prejudice the disbursement of wealth to support food, construction and other issues. Taxat... November 06, 2018 1063 Category: Article
HH The Amir Condolences To Afghan President On Death Of Citizens In Suicidal Bombing Attack His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has sent a cable of condolences to the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on death of scores of citizens in the suicidal bombing attack that ta... April 23, 2018 546 Category: Kuwait
Take Responsibility For Ensuring Accountability For Perpetrators Of Sexual Crimes The State of Kuwait stressed that the UN Security Council must take responsibility for ensuring accountability for perpetrators of sexual crimes during times of armed conflict. This came in a speec... April 18, 2018 1083 Category: Kuwait
Skilled Filipino Workers Met With Their Countrys Labor Officials To Appeal For Exemption From Ban To Kuwait Skilled Filipino workers met with their country’s labor officials Tuesday to appeal for exemption from the total deployment ban to Kuwait. According to the Coalition of Licensed Agencies for Dom... February 21, 2018 583 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Calls For Enhanced UNSC Role Towards Global Peace, Security State of Kuwait said Tuesday UN Security Council's (UNSC) role could be enhanced to enable it carry out its responsibility in line with the UN Charter. UN member countries' contributions to... February 07, 2018 579 Category: Kuwait
State Audit Bureau Has Warned The Government Against Controlling The Economic Sectors Of The Country The State Audit Bureau has warned the government against controlling the economic sectors of the country, especially since it weakens the private sector. It urged the government to bear the responsibi... January 08, 2018 900 Category: Kuwait
46 Laborers Identified As Registered Under Closed Companies The search and investigation team of the Ministry of Interior while conducting an inspection on companies in Jahra area came across nine companies, which are supposedly-closed, with 46 laborers regist... January 04, 2018 1015 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Regrets US Veto Of UN Jerusalem Draft Resolution Kuwait Ambassador to the UN Mansour Al-Otaibi Monday expressed regret over the US veto of a UN draft resolution on Jerusalem, but said the US move was expected. The Egyptian-sponsored draft resolut... December 19, 2017 654 Category: Kuwait
No Deal Was Signed With Any Company To Start Issuing Smart Driving Licenses No deal was signed with any company to start issuing smart driving licenses, said the Ministry of Interior Monday. The Interior Ministry’s Public Relations Department said that video clips ci... December 19, 2017 913 Category: Driving License
MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri Has Threatened To Internationalize The Issue Of Prisoner Of Conscience MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri has threatened to internationalize the issue of ‘prisoner of conscience’, people who have been sentenced to various jail terms for storming the National Assembly, rep... December 19, 2017 1462 Category: Kuwait
Assembly Speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun Insists That A Proposal For Issuance Of Comprehensive Amnesty Former National Assembly Speaker Ahmad Al-Sa’adoun insists that a proposal for the issuance of comprehensive amnesty has become a must, and this is the responsibility of MPs, reports Al-Rai dail... December 05, 2017 776 Category: Kuwait
MOH Updated Precautionary Plan To Deal With Crises And Disasters Ministry of Health has updated its precautionary plan to deal with crises and disasters that are either natural or man-made and result in imbalances between the existing requirements and supplies, rep... December 03, 2017 907 Category: Kuwait
MP Ahmad Al-Fadel Urged His Colleagues To Attend The Special Session For Supporting Sports Law MP Ahmad Al-Fadel urged his colleagues to attend the special session called by National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim, while appealing to the people of Kuwait to monitor the session to know who ... December 01, 2017 980 Category: Kuwait
Draft On Medical Error Insurance Referred To Fatwa Dept - MoH Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi said Friday his ministry referred the draft legislation on insurance against medical errors to the Fatwa (Legal Advice) and Legislation Department of the cabinet.... November 25, 2017 1249 Category: Kuwait
Parliamentary Cmte Discussed Two Proposals On Amending The Audio Visual Law The parliamentary Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee on Monday discussed two proposals on amending the Audio Visual Law, says committee member MP Ahmad Al-Fadel. Speaking to reporters after th... November 21, 2017 763 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Warns Massage Parlours Massage parlours in Kuwait have been given one week to comply with the new rules to avoid facing legal action, including shutting down of the facilities. Rules conveyed earlier to the owners called... October 03, 2017 1713 Category: Crime News
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