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Local Hire Resigning After 1 Year Of Service I am a local hire. Finished one year with this company. I would like to resign but I am not sure I signed one year or 2 years contract. Since I am local hire can I resign regardless of years or not? ... December 31, 2019 1520 Category: Legal
Indemnity Calculation – Resigning Due To Health Issues As I’m in need of your help and guidance, I have read several times with the same issue in your column. Which is so helpful to so many needful expats through The Arab Times English daily newspap... October 31, 2018 1963 Category: Indemnity
Resigning Before Completing 3 Yrs And Indemnity Entitlement I have been working as an engineer with one private company since June 2, 2014. I have been pondering of resigning on May 7, 2017 and would be requesting our office to relieve me in 2 months (i.e. Jul... June 25, 2017 1057 Category: Indemnity
Indemnity Not Paid Even After 10 Mnts After Resigning - What To Do I worked in a company from June 2005 to July 2016, but even after 10 months after my resignation, I have not received the settlement for the 11 years of my service with the company and my 1-1/2 months... June 24, 2017 1129 Category: Indemnity
Resigning Before 3 Yrs Of Service I am currently working at a retail center since May 2016. I need to know something. My company required notice period of 3 months when someone resigns. If I want to resign in 18 months, I have to give... April 29, 2017 4240 Category: Legal
MOE Disclosed That 350 Expat Teachers Submitted Their Resignation In The 2nd Semester Director of Human Resources Department in the Ministry of Education Saoud Al-Juwaiser disclosed that 350 expatriate teachers and legal accountants submitted their resignation in the second semester of... April 19, 2017 968 Category: Kuwait
Company Paying Half Indemnity On Resigning And Half Later My father has been working with a firm in Kuwait for more than 30 years, now he is planning to retire and leave Kuwait, but recently he heard a news that his company is only giving half of the indemni... April 09, 2017 1377 Category: Indemnity
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