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21 People Arrested For Violating Residency Laws Twenty-one expatriates of Arab and Asian nationalities were arrested during the security campaign to track down and arrest lawbreakers across the country. In order to take the necessary legal measu... April 23, 2022 382 Category: Crime News
An Investor Will Be Granted 15 Years Of Residence And A Resident Up To 5 Years Tomorrow, the Parliamentary Interior and Defense Committee will consider the draught law on foreigner residence, as well as the draught law revising Article (8) of Amiri Decree No. 15 of 1959 on Kuwai... March 22, 2022 1638 Category: Kuwait
Proposal for residence violators to leave Kuwait without paying fines According to Al Anba Newspaper, the Resident Affairs department has proposed allowing residence violators to leave the country without paying fines. According to the estimate, there are currently 1... March 08, 2022 1110 Category: Kuwait
Automatic Cancellation of Visa if Overstaying More Than 6 Months Outside Kuwait Holders of Article 22 (dependent visa), Article 18 (who work in the private sector), and Article 24 (a self-sponsor) will have six months to enter the country before the General Department of Residenc... February 12, 2022 6148 Category: Kuwait
Real Estate, Residence Open To Expats, Companies Urge - Abolish Sponsorship For Investors According to a report by Al- Anba daily, companies are asking the government to let expatriates own real estate and based on this, give them permanent residence permits to some and 10-year residence p... February 06, 2022 436 Category: Expats
152 Filipino Residence Violators Sent Back To Philippines In an humanitarian gesture the Ministry of Interior completed the procedure of deporting 160 Filipinos from these 152 women and 7 men and an infant in coordination with the Ministry of Forei... December 20, 2021 801 Category: Filipinos
21 Residence Violators Arrested In Farwaniya The Ministry of Interiors Residency Department carried out a surprise campaign in Farwaniya governorate against violators of residency law, absconders and marginal workers, which resulted in arresting... December 19, 2021 252 Category: Crime News
100 Residents Barred From Renewing Residence Permits The State Security police have compiled a list of 100 residents who will not be allowed to renew their residence permits in Kuwait. Al-Qabas daily said a vast majority of these are Lebanese and the... November 17, 2021 748 Category: Kuwait
2,910,133 Residence Transactions Completed Online The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said that the number of residency transactions that have been completed since the launch of the online service through the ministry’s website has reached 2,910,1... June 16, 2021 630 Category: Kuwait
No Salary Transfer Certificate Required To Issue, Renew And Transfer Of Work Permits Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Ahmad Al-Mousa issued an administrative circular regarding the postponement of the implementation of the decision on requiring employers to ... June 03, 2021 9857 Category: Expats
PAM Setup Regulations For Above 60 Years Residence Renewal The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has approved a mechanism for expats who are over 60 years old to register their approved academic certificates to help them renew their work permits online in a... May 17, 2021 2149 Category: Expats
‘Workers Residences Expired’ – PAM Suspends Files Of Some Companies Director of Government Contracts and Projects Department at the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Bassem Al-Enezi revealed that the authority has suspended the main files of companies that are assoc... March 30, 2021 889 Category: Expats
Residency Department Recommends Six Month Amnesty For Residency Visa Violators The General Department of Residency is calling for a ministerial decision to extend the amnesty period for 6 months to allow residency violators to amend their status and exempt them from fines incurr... March 11, 2021 1661 Category: Expats
PAM Hikes Cancellations; ‘Sanitation’ Chases Illegals According to official figures issued by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), the number of cancelled work permits of expatriates increased by 44 percent within just three working days (72 hours) f... January 30, 2021 710 Category: Kuwait
1,588 Work Permits Cancelled In 72 Hrs The Public Authority For Manpower revealed that in three working days (72 hrs) from 25th Jan to 27th Jan, 44% work permits  ie: 1,588  of expats have been cancelled. The number of work pe... January 28, 2021 1374 Category: Expats
Diploma And Above Condition For Transferring Residence In Private Sector The Public Authority for Manpower stated that all workers in the private sector who have academic qualifications from diploma level and above must have their degrees approved before transferring resid... January 21, 2021 1219 Category: Information
Diploma And Above Is A Condition For Transferring Residency Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The Public Authority for Manpower stipulated that all workers in the private sector who have academic qualifications from diploma level and above must have t... January 20, 2021 1668 Category: Expats
Residency Violators Rise To 180,000 Due To Absence Of Inspection Campaigns The number of residency violators in Kuwait rose to a record number as it reached 180,000. The number of illegal residents has increased by 38 percent from what they were five months ago due to the ab... January 19, 2021 292 Category: Kuwait
No Renewal Residence Above 60 Yrs Age High-schoolers Stays The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has appealed to the authorized signatories to accelerate the registration of their electronic signature before the date Jan 12, 2021, the date of the start of w... January 07, 2021 962 Category: Information
46,000 Expats Of Visit Visa Did Not Exit Kuwait – 176,000 Residence Violators Still In The Country  As the deadline set by the Ministry of the Interior for residency violators to settle their status or leave the country expires tomorrow, the turnout of illegal expatriates to take advantag... December 29, 2020 908 Category: Visit Visa
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