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Kuwait Researchers Complete First Early Warning System For Viral Epidemics Kuwaiti researchers have completed the first integrated and effective early warning system for viral epidemics — Covid 19 in particular — for effective monitoring, prevention and control, ... December 22, 2021 382 Category: Kuwait
Manpower And Engineers Sign A Contract To Train 25 Researchers In The Engineering Field The Public Authority for Manpower signed a contract to train and qualify 25 trainees in the field of effectiveness in engineering project management to obtain the Certified International Engineer Cert... June 23, 2021 926 Category: Kuwait
Researchers At Dasman Diabetes Institute Urge Policy Makers Around The World To Speed Up The Vaccination Process COVID-19 does not need to be introduced any more. It has been part of our lives for more than a year. Everybody knows by now that SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus causes COVID-19. All families are familiar with... May 31, 2021 397 Category: Kuwait
Researchers In Germany Develop A Surveillance Camera In The Shape Of A Human Eye A team of researchers at the University of Saarland in Germany created an innovatively designed surveillance camera, which takes the shape of a human eye, with the aim of stirring up controversy about... April 25, 2021 432 Category: Technology
Researchers Ask If Survivor Plasma Could Prevent Coronavirus Donated blood plasma are now tested if it might also prevent infection in the first place Survivors of COVID-19 are donating their blood plasma in droves in hopes it helps other patients recover from... June 12, 2020 966 Category: Coronavirus
PhilHealth 3% Premium Contribution Remains Until Such Time An Amendment On The Law Is Made In an online panel discussion under the Rights Corridors a virtual platform, Philhealth officials disclosed that the 3% contribution to PhilHealth will remain and all provisions stipulated are impleme... May 15, 2020 608 Category: Filipinos
Researchers Develop Simulation About Corona Virus In Kuwait Researchers from Kuwait Diabetes Institute and Kuwait University (KU) developed a simulation designed to study spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Kuwait which showed peak of the virus would be ... April 15, 2020 874 Category: Coronavirus
Lack Of Good Bonus Discourages Distinguished Researchers In Kuwait University Professor of Chemistry in Kuwait University’s Faculty of Sciences Dr Ali Bu Majdad affirmed that the lack of sufficient incentives that encourage distinguished researchers to remain in the post ... February 19, 2020 453 Category: Kuwait
MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei In Bid To Reassure ‘researchers’ At KISR The parliamentary Health Affairs Committee discussed on Thursday medical errors related to the death of Abdulaziz Nawaf Al- Rasheri, Nawal Al-Kandari and Hanan Al-Adwani. In a press statement, Comm... February 07, 2020 1614 Category: Kuwait
After Teachers Researchers Excluded From Replacement The Civil Service Commission (CSC) agreed to exclude expatriate social and psychological researchers from the Kuwaitization of government jobs this year after excluding teachers, reports Al-Qabas dail... January 26, 2020 456 Category: Kuwait
MOE Stops Applications From Expat Researchers The number of public sector job applicants on the waiting list has decreased by 50 percent as 13,622 citizens are now waiting for their appointment in various ministries and other governmental bodies,... February 27, 2018 919 Category: Crime News
Quantity Of Fish In Kuwaiti Territorial Waters Has Reduced By 80 Percent Compared To The 1990s The quantity of fish in Kuwaiti territorial waters has reduced by 80 percent compared to the 1990s, as per private and official studies. These studies indicate about some natural and human-related ... September 15, 2017 912 Category: Kuwait
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