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Repatriating NRIs Being Milked In The Name Of ‘miscellaneous’ Expenses Many non-resident Indians (NRIs), having been repatriated from the GCC to India under the ‘Vande Bharat’ initiative, have complained that they were charged excessive amounts of money upon ... May 15, 2020 1230 Category: India
Start Of 2nd Phase Of Repatriating Kuwaiti Citizens From US The first plane repatriating Kuwaiti citizens had left John F. Kenney Airport in New York on Wednesday, the second phase of a Kuwaiti government plan to bring back nationals amidst spread of coronavir... April 23, 2020 871 Category: Coronavirus
Duterte Asks Filippinos To Come Home, Ban Is Permanent I now appeal to your sense of patriotism. Come home,” says the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte in a speech he gave on Saturday, April 28 in Singapore, addressing the Filipino expatr... April 29, 2018 10617 Category: Kuwait
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