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Tenants Warned Daily By Letters From Landlords For Rent A few landlords exempt expats from paying, somelandlords gave good discount , some asked for a delay of rent payment while many other landlords are still asking for the full rent and threatening the t... April 11, 2020 9309 Category: Kuwait
Rent Increase Approach Rental Court If The Landlord Increases The Rent Before The Expiry Of Current Contract I am staying in a 1-bedroom, hall, kitchen flat and the contract will expire on June 30, 2017. Please advise what maximum rent can be increased as I am paying rent KD 180 and other people renewed thei... February 22, 2017 2369 Category: Legal
Government Intends To Increase Rental Fees For State Properties the government intends to increase rental fees for State properties within the current fiscal year, such that tenants will pay various rates of increment based on the outcome of studies in line with i... April 26, 2016 1111 Category: Kuwait
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