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Microsoft Programs Cost 41 Million Dinars To Rent All government institutions have requested the use of Microsoft programs and licenses, with maintenance, technical support and other services, all at a cost of 41 million dinars to the Central Agency ... May 09, 2022 119 Category: Technology
Mall Owner Asked To Return Rent The Fourth Commercial Section in the Court of Cassation obligated the owner of a commercial complex to pay KD 126,000 to an investor – the rent paid by the latter; because he did not benefit fro... January 26, 2022 309 Category: Crime News
Huge Increase In Chalets Rents Expected “The chalet sector is inevitably going to record a big jump in its rental fees due to the government’s plans to amend the structure of state property fees. The rental prices are expected t... September 02, 2021 308 Category: Kuwait
Co-op Sector Refers Lease Contracts Of Some Violating Shops To Nazaha The Co-operative Sector in the Ministry of Social Affairs has finally referred the lease contracts of some establishments in cooperative societies to Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), reports... June 16, 2021 379 Category: Crime News
The Rent Allowance Costs KD 2.9 Billion To The State The Public Institution for Housing Welfare city projects report revealed that the state had spent KD 2.9 billion in rent allowance for the fiscal year 2019-2020. The report indicated that the total... June 06, 2021 275 Category: Kuwait
Court Passes Landmark Judgement On Rent Reduction In a landmark ruling that could have wide implications, the Court of Appeals considering rents of idle nurseries, reduced the monthly rents of these leased properties by three-quarters. Tenants of ... March 17, 2021 738 Category: Legal
Waste Of Public Funds On Paying Rents For Expat Teachers Housing The housing facilities provided for non-Kuwaiti teachers need to be highlighted, as the Ministry of Education spent more than KD 4.2 million on it during the last academic year 2019/2020 despite the a... November 09, 2020 476 Category: Information
Different Stages Of Rent Exemptions For Investment Activities In Coops  Undersecretary of Ministry of Social Affairs Abdulaziz Shuaib affirmed that the ministry has the authority to supervise cooperative consumer societies in accordance with article No. 27 of the la... September 27, 2020 675 Category: Information
Lawmakers Set To Delibrate Rent Bill The parliamentary Legislative Affairs Committee on Monday will discuss the draft law concerning rents after hearing the opinion of Ministry of Justice. According to the bill, the tenants of inves... August 23, 2020 1004 Category: Legal
No Excuse , Rent Can Be Paid In Installments Basis Senior legal sources, in exclusive statements, affirmed that proposals to amend rent law may include stipulation that “it is not permissible to evict tenants from private residences in the event... July 22, 2020 1562 Category: General
Real Estate Companies To Tenants Pay Rent Or Face Court Case As second stage of plan to return life back to normalcy began last week along with some economic activities for the real estate companies it had become a top priority to collect the rents of tenants w... July 06, 2020 4388 Category: Kuwait
50% Rent Slashed For July And Aug, To Support Investors During The Period Of Coronavirus Pandemic The management Mabanee Company decided to exempt rent for shops in the Avenues Mall by 50% of total rent value for coming July and August after it had exempted them from the full value during March, A... June 17, 2020 1575 Category: Coronavirus
Amendment To Tenancy Bill – No Eviction And Payment Of Rent In Installments The proposed amendment to the Tenancy Law will stipulate that there will be no eviction for the residential and investment sectors in the event of a delay in the payment of rents during the period of ... June 11, 2020 2394 Category: Kuwait
Needy Families Paid Rent Money ; Philanthropic ‘aid’ To Residents Of Isolated Areas Sees Big Reduction Coinciding with the expansion of isolated areas to several regions in the country to control the spread of coronavirus, the performance of charitable societies has reduced following the disbursement o... June 09, 2020 1858 Category: Lockdown
Revisions on rent laws submitted for individuals, companies and entities bound by rent contracts MPs Ahmed Al- Fadl, Safa’a Al-Hashem, Kalid Al-Shatti, Khalaf Dumaither and Nasser Al-Dousari have submitted a bill on amending the Rent Law, taking into consideration the exceptional circumstan... June 09, 2020 5197 Category: Information
Top Official In Corruption – Hotels Forced To Rent Cars Against Visit Visa Issued While the ‘hospitality’ issue of the Ministry of Interior is still pending before the judiciary, sources familiar with the Al-Rai said there is smell of new corruption involving of a senio... April 04, 2019 398 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Loses Unique Cheap Internet – 400 Percent Increase In Rent The teeming consumers and Internet Service Providers welcomed the new year with three ministerial decisions issued by the Ministry of Services to increase rent fees for the space and masts used by the... January 24, 2019 1119 Category: Kuwait
House Rent Getting Beyond Reach Of Common Man The caretakers of some residential buildings bemoan the vacant apartments which remain unoccupied for almost months because the owners of real estate demand high rents which do not run parallel to the... December 03, 2018 802 Category: Kuwait
Mounting Debt, Rent Demand Forced Jordanian To Burgle Bank At Gunpoint The Criminal Investigations Department has completed interrogations with the armed Jordanian who robbed the Gulf Bank branch in Nugra recently at gun point, reports Al-Anba daily. The man carrying a p... September 26, 2018 499 Category: Crime News
Court Revoked The Rent Expenses Of Grandmother The Family Court revoked the rent expenses that were being paid to a woman who was given custody of her grandchildren after the children’s mother married a foreigner. Lawyer Mubarak Al-Khasha... July 18, 2017 582 Category: Crime News
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