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Prosecution Orders Release Of ‘vote-buying’ Candidate The Public Prosecution has ordered the release of a fourth constituency candidate, who is charged with vote buying in his constituency, on bail of KD 5,000. According to the case file, the Public Pros... September 23, 2020 282 Category: Information
Kuwait National Guard To Release Prisoners On Eid Kuwait National Guard Undersecretary, Lieutenant General Hashim Al-Rifai, on Tuesday ordered release of imprisoned guards who have been held for disciplinary offenses, on the occasion of the upcoming ... July 29, 2020 486 Category: Kuwait
Criminal Court Release 9 In Hospitality Case The Criminal Court decided to release 9 men who were in custody in the so-called ‘Hospitality’ case of the Ministry of Interior. The men were sent to prison during the last session, inc... April 27, 2020 1402 Category: Crime News
Locally Hired – Employer Giving Release For Non Graduate I’m locally hired in Kuwait and this is my 3rd company that I am working. My question is: can I transfer visa to another company even though I’m newly hired only a month ago? My current em... February 16, 2020 510 Category: Legal
Does Employer Has Right To Refuse To Give Release? Hi I just want to ask if my employer has the right to refuse giving me a release, iI will finish my 3rd year working with them this coming Feb 5 2020. What can I do in the event of the company refusin... February 04, 2020 665 Category: Legal
No Release Before 3 Years Of Service Hi I have some query regarding the possibility of getting a release. I arrived in Kuwait April 2017 and worked for the company who took me from my home country for 1 year and 6 months then after that ... February 01, 2020 544 Category: Legal
Release And Unpaid Salary I am an electrical engineer working in Kuwait for the past two years. In January 2019, I transferred to another company but I haven’t received salary since last October, although they have promi... January 22, 2020 2498 Category: Legal
Questions On Release And Transfer My company hired me from my home country 2 years ago, do I have the right to apply for a release? Name withheld Answer: No, the Kuwait Labour Law doesn’t clothe you with that right as you ... January 20, 2020 4731 Category: Legal
Release In Private Sector I have been working in the private sector since 2016 under a first sponsor, can I ask for a release from my company and if they refuse shall I go to shoun? Name withheld Answer: Yes you are qual... January 10, 2020 534 Category: Legal
Release All Impounded Vehicles By Jan 5 The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Traffic Affairs Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh has issued instructions to all General Traffic Departments (GTD) to ‘release’ the... December 31, 2019 192 Category: Kuwait
Company Doesn’t Give Release After 3 Yrs I have been working in my company for the past 3 years. I am a degree holder, too. The company that I am working doesn’t give release even to staff that have been working for 6 years so they go ... December 10, 2019 7205 Category: Legal
Resignation And Release I have been working in Kuwait for the last 3 years. I was recruited from India. My question is, I want to get release from my current employer. Is it possible? Also my work permit salary is KD 100 and... October 27, 2019 678 Category: Legal
Houthi Rebels In Yemen Release 290 Detainees Houthi rebels in Yemen released 290 detainees on Monday, a move seen as a hopeful sign amid the brutal civil war that has raged for years and devastated the country. Those freed include 42 survivor... October 01, 2019 351 Category: International
Release For 8 Suspects In Fraud Case Rejected The Public Prosecution continues its investigation in the case of the Kuwaiti inmate who is accused of impersonating members of the ruling family and other personalities, and has rejected the requests... August 28, 2019 321 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Has Referred To The Public Prosecution For Offering Bribe To A Detective To Release A Compatriot From Detention The Director-General of the General Administration of Residence Affairs has referred a Bangladeshi to the Public Prosecution for offering bribe to a detective to release a compatriot from detention, r... July 05, 2019 436 Category: Crime News
Hired Locally After 1 Yr Can Seek Release For Non Graduates – Graduates Can Quit Any Point Of Time I came to Kuwait three and half years ago, after 3 years I got release and started working in a company for the last 6 months, now I have got a better offer and the present company is ready to release... May 20, 2019 481 Category: Legal
Brigadier Ready To Pay KD 10 Million For His Release The Criminal Court adjourned to May 12 the case referred to as “Hospitality of Ministry of Interior”, and dismissed the request of the defense team to release the accused on bail. The cour... April 29, 2019 610 Category: Crime News
Release From Current Company To get release from my current company, as per Kuwait law, how many years do I have to work with them? Name withheld Answer: If you were recruited from your country by the company you are curren... April 27, 2019 509 Category: Legal
Pakistan To Release Indian Pilot As A Peace Gesture - Imran Khan India is waiting for the release of a pilot who has been in Pakistani custody since he was shot down over Kashmir on Wednesday, a goodwill gesture which could defuse the gravest crisis in the disputed... March 01, 2019 271 Category: International
Sponsor Ready To Give Release Before 3 Yrs Of Service Now I am with the company who brought me from India 2.5 years. I am a degree holder. My Visa is Artice 18. Now my current employer is willing to give release. But I heard that before 3 years we cannot... January 15, 2019 371 Category: Legal