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Ambassador Continues His Engagement To Strengthen India-Kuwait Relationship Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Shri Sibi George continues his engagement with Kuwaiti dignitaries and officials to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. Last week, Ambassador visited ... September 19, 2021 263 Category: India
Viet Nam And Kuwait: 45 Years Of Diplomatic Relations Not long after the unification of the North and South of Viet Nam, on 10, January, 1976, Vietnam and Kuwait established diplomatic relations, creating an important milestone in the history of Viet Nam... January 07, 2021 411 Category: Information
US Ambassador Hails Kuwaiti Ties  Kuwait has provided crucial economic and humanitarian assistance throughout the world, as the US has a long tradition of giving as well, and the two countries can join hands to provide assistanc... December 13, 2020 272 Category: Kuwait
Illicit Relationship - Who Is The Father ? Police are looking for an unidentified person for impregnating a woman who had a miscarriage in the fourth month of her pregnancy and had to be rushed to the Mubarak Al-Kabir Hospital by an ambulance,... August 19, 2019 1387 Category: Crime News
Khalid, Where Have You Been My relationship with the Ministry of Commerce started when the first commercial licence was issued to me for a General Trading and Contracting Co in 1968, half a century ago and the rent receipt was i... December 28, 2018 951 Category: Article
DIPA Has Excellent Relationship With All Government Agencies The Direct Investment Promotion Authority has an excellent relationship with all sectors in the government agencies as well as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the National Fund for the Care ... December 26, 2018 304 Category: Business
His Highness The Amir Visit To US Depicts 104-yr Kuwaiti-American Relationship A number of media and academic figures on Thursday affirmed success of His Highness the Amir visit to Washington where he met President Donald Trump – an event depicting depth of the 104-yearold... September 09, 2018 889 Category: Kuwait
Associations Like FIMA Have Bigger Role To Play For India Kuwait Relationship Associations like FIMA, Federation of Indian Muslims Associations can largely support the Indian embassy in its efforts to bring and build pup the affinity and goodwill to bring the people of Kuwait a... May 26, 2018 668 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Youth Blackmailed Kuwaiti Women To Post Her Pictures In The Social Media An unidentified young woman has filed a complaint with the police accusing a Kuwaiti youth of threatening to post her pictures in the social media, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the complainant t... March 05, 2018 669 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered The Detention Of A Motorist Who Hit A Kuwaiti Man Criminal Section at the Court of First Instance ordered the detention of a motorist who hit and severely injured a Kuwaiti man while he was trying to cross a road. The court suspended execution of ano... January 30, 2018 770 Category: Crime News
The Largest Open Market For Domestic Workers Is Indonesia - Says MP Khalil Al-Saleh. “The largest open market for domestic workers is Indonesia. We previously tried its labor force and they were good but the relationship was cut off for several reasons,” says MP Khalil Al-... January 02, 2018 620 Category: Kuwait
Female Citizen Revealed A Failed Love Story That Starred A Jordanian Conman The complaint of a female citizen revealed a failed love story built on lies that starred a Jordanian conman who deceived the woman as he claimed to be Kuwaiti millionaire but he is just a poor expatr... November 06, 2017 811 Category: Crime News
Abolish 153 Campaign Seeks To Rid Kuwait Of Archaic Law A campaign is gaining steam in Kuwait to abolish an outdated ‘honour-killing law’ which charges men who kill their female family members who engage in sex outside of marriage to get off wi... October 21, 2017 1204 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Continues Mediation Efforts To Resolve Gulf Crisis - Deputy FM The State of Kuwait has been continuing its mediation efforts aiming to contain the Gulf crisis "amongst brothers," Deputy Foreign Ministers Khaled Al-Jarallah stressed on Sunday. "W... July 31, 2017 575 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Takes Actions On Diplomatic Relationship With Iran The State of Kuwait took the decision to close down the Iranian cultural mission along with other affiliate offices in the country and asked for reducing the number of Iranian diplomats operating in i... July 20, 2017 555 Category: Kuwait
Turkish Airlines Hosts Ramadan Ghabkah Turkish Airlines, Europe’s best airline for the fifth year in a row, hosted a Ramadan Ghabkah in honour of its media journalists, travel agents and corporates in Kuwait, who supported them in re... June 17, 2017 982 Category: International
Filipino Housemaid Arrested After She Escaped With Her Egyptian Boyfriend A Filipino housemaid was arrested on the seaside after she escaped from her employer's house in Sabah Al-Salem area with her Egyptian boyfriend, a Citizen informed police about a kidnap case when ... February 25, 2017 1354 Category: Crime News
Youth Raped For Having Relationship With A Female Police are looking for a juvenile and his two friends for kidnapping a youth and raping him repeatedly, reports Al-Rai daily. A security source said the juvenile saw the picture of one of his female r... November 07, 2016 1036 Category: Crime News
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