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Rehabilitation Of Mecca Slum Restarts Saudi Arabia has resumed a phased plan to develop a populous slum area in Mecca with the aim of eliminating visual disfigurement of the city known as the Holy Capital of the kingdom. Authorities be... February 02, 2022 118 Category: Saudi Arabia
Kuwait’s Role Pioneering In Juvenile Rehabilitation The Assistant Undersecretary for Social Welfare at the Ministry of Social Affairs Musallam Al-Subaie inspected the new Juvenile Welfare Administration complex project in the Sulaibiya Industrial Zone ... November 16, 2020 364 Category: Kuwait
Citizens Participate In Survey To Lift The Ban On Import Of Ethiopian Domestic Workers A number of citizens participated in a survey conducted by the daily concerning the decision to lift the ban on the import of Ethiopian domestic workers, reports Al-Rai daily. According to Sa&rsquo... April 10, 2018 585 Category: Kuwait
MOH Has Revealed 30 Cases Of Child Abuse,Physical Assaults,Emotional Deprivation,Neglect Cases Reported During 2016 A member of the Rights of the Child Office at the Ministry of Health Dr Dana Al- Haqqan, has revealed 30 cases of child abuse and 144 physical assaults, 15 cases of emotional deprivation and 102 negle... December 17, 2017 938 Category: Crime News
Non-Kuwaitis Married To Kuwaiti Women Added To List Those Exempt From Healthcare Fees Non-Kuwaitis married to Kuwaiti women will be added to the list of those exempt from healthcare fees at public hospitals and clinics throughout Kuwait, Health Minister Jamal Al-Harbi said on Sunday. ... October 09, 2017 517 Category: Kuwait
No Increase In Expatriate Medical Insurance For The Next Few Years The announcement of impending price increases for healthcare services across public centers in Kuwait for non-nationals was met with an outcry from the expatriate workforce who found it unfair as they... August 24, 2017 1619 Category: Kuwait
MP Has Presented A Proposal To Establish A Drug Rehabilitation Center MP Sadoun Hammad Al-Otaibi has presented a proposal to establish a drug rehabilitation center on par with global standards and a research center to determine reasons for the spread of drug addiction i... May 22, 2017 510 Category: Kuwait
Reducing The No.of Expats In Operations And Maintenance Sectors - MEW Undersecretary at the Ministry of Electricity and Water Engineer Mohammad Buhahri has commissioned undersecretaries in various sectors of the ministry to present strategy to reduce the number of expat... March 23, 2017 751 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait And Turkey Signed 3 Agreements Worth 15 Million Dollors To Help Syrian Refugees Kuwait and Turkey have signed three agreements worth $15 million to contribute to the response plan of Syrian refugees living in Turkey. The agreements were signed by Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic ... March 23, 2017 452 Category: International
Court Acquitted The Citizen For Drug Trading The Court of Appeals cancelled the verdict of the Court of First Instance that sentenced a citizen to life imprisonment for trading in shabu. The higher court acquitted the citizen and instructed him ... March 09, 2017 480 Category: Crime News
A Woman From Kuwait Helped A Homeless Man Eating Coconut Shells On A Street Of Mumbai Kuwait More than one million people in our country are homeless and live on railway platforms, roadsides, and under the flyovers. The moment our vehicle halts at the Red light, we see a lot of people begging... March 07, 2017 3806 Category: Kuwait
Drug Tests For Students, Employees And Military Personnel Is Mandatory In Kuwait Kuwaiti lawmakers have proposed mandatory drug tests for students, employees and military personnel in Kuwait.The proposal has been submitted by Faisal Al Kindari, Khalid Abdullah, Saud Al Shuwair, Sa... March 07, 2017 968 Category: Kuwait
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