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No Racism In Giving Priority To Kuwaitis For Winter Vaccinations Restricting the winter season vaccination campaign to citizens currently in light of the present circumstances related to COVID-19 pandemic is a regulatory measure for giving priority to citizens, and... October 24, 2020 480 Category: Information
When Will Racism At Kuwait Airport End? The state airport is the first facility on which the eyes of those coming to the country capture the essence of the general culture of the country from which you generally know how civilized it i... October 21, 2020 4634 Category: Information
Racism Begins At Home When a dictator clings to power in a poor country, his first concern is to govern and/or reach the top. To ensure that, he subordinates all the organs of the state to serve this purpose and controllin... March 07, 2019 883 Category: Article
The Various - Abhorrent Faces Of Racism Sometimes, I wonder if we are racists and if we do not accept others. Do we actually discriminate people on the basis of religion, ethnicity and skin color? Do we claim civility and open-mindedness wh... November 25, 2018 952 Category: Article
Coffee Bean Shop In Salmiya Brews Racism An unidentified foreigner who entered a ‘Coffee Bean’ shop in Salmiya for a cup of coffee got the taste of racism, reports Al-Rai daily. The man visited the Al-Rai daily and complained ... October 03, 2018 636 Category: Crime News
Cabinet Formed A Committee With Membership Of Advisor To Study The Citizenship File Cabinet has formed a committee with membership of advisor at the Amiri Diwan Ali Al- Rashed, former Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr Nayef Al-Ajmi, Head of Fatwa and Legislation Department Sal... March 29, 2017 672 Category: Kuwait
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