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MoH Inspects Mishref Quarantine Center Minister of Health (MoH) Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah lead a group for an inspection of the Mishref exhibition grounds that will be used as a quarantine zone, reported Al Rai daily. The daily added that ... April 04, 2020 1383 Category: Coronavirus
MOH - 136 People Leave Quarantine Center Kuwait The Ministry of Health said 136 people have ended a compulsory quarantine, the total number of people who left the quarantine reached 853 ... March 26, 2020 780 Category: Coronavirus
Philippines Converts Island Into Quarantine Center For Returning Migrants The military proposed using Sibakel island as a quarantine area for the remaining 131 Filipinos who were stranded on the two vessels. The Philippine military is in the process of converting an island... March 24, 2020 682 Category: Coronavirus
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