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Severe Punishment Eyed For Traffic Law Violators The government has referred to the National Assembly the amendment of Traffic Law No. 67 of 1976, which includes severe punishments for traffic law violators. Among the most important amendments to... September 22, 2020 1107 Category: Information
Criminal Court Declined Punishment For Two Kuwaiti Men And Three Female Compatriots The Criminal Court declined to pronounce punishment against two Kuwaiti men and three female compatriots who allegedly assaulted another Kuwaiti woman and took her mobile phone by force. The defend... May 09, 2019 313 Category: Crime News
Capital Punishment Sought In Lawyer's Abduction The Public Prosecution has ordered to renew the detention of five men for more interrogations who are accused of abducting a lawyer, reports Al-Rai daily. This came after the details of the crime were... March 05, 2019 299 Category: Crime News
Cop-attacker Escapes Punishment The Court of Appeals presided over by Chief Judge Nasser Salem Al-Heid cancelled the verdict issued by the Criminal Court which sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to three-year imprisonment with hard labor b... October 12, 2018 1985 Category: Crime News
Kuwait cleric criticism of Salah sparks backlash – a punishment from God for not fasting The statement made by a Kuwaiti cleric Mubarak Al- Badhali to an Arabic newspaper and on Twitter claiming that the shoulder injury sustained by the Egyptian-born Liverpool football star Mohammad Salah... May 31, 2018 1738 Category: Kuwait
MP Mohammed Al-Dalal Submitted Query To MOF About Technical Inspection Of Aircraft MP Mohammed Al-Dalal has submitted a query to the Minister of Finance about the technical inspection of aircraft in Kuwait. In the query the lawmaker said according to a news report the internation... April 25, 2018 621 Category: Kuwait
Public Prosecution Is Barred From Prosecuting Two Sitting MPs The Court of Appeal affirmed that the Public Prosecution is barred from prosecuting two sitting MPs, Jamaan Al-Harbash and Nayef Al-Mirdas, until their immunity is lifted by the Parliament. The two la... April 25, 2018 523 Category: Crime News
Deportation Of Expats Who Collecting Donations During Month Of Ramadan The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has reached an agreement with the Interior Ministry, the Public Authority for Manpower and a number of concerned authorities to deport any expatriate who is ca... April 22, 2018 675 Category: Crime News
Punishment On Those Who Stitch Military Clothes For People Who Do Not Carry Military IDs Ministry of Interior has requested Ministry of Commerce and Industry to tighten its supervision on tailor shops and impose maximum punishment on those who stitch military clothes for people who do not... April 18, 2018 619 Category: Crime News
Court Refrained From Imposing Punishment On A Citizen The Criminal Court refrained from imposing punishment on a citizen accused of stealing KD 57,000 from the account of a compatriot. Case files indicate that the accused was charged of forging bank docu... March 13, 2018 503 Category: Crime News
MOI Has Extended The Amnesty Period For Another Two Months Ministry of Interior has extended the amnesty period for another two months starting from February 23 to April 22 for violators of residency law to either exit the country or amend their residency sta... February 21, 2018 614 Category: Kuwait
32 Kuwaiti Employees Fined For Forging Medical Reports The Criminal Court refrained from imposing punishment on 32 Kuwaitis employed in a petroleum company for forging medical reports which they used to apply for sick leave and for receiving their salary ... December 29, 2017 895 Category: Crime News
Students Research Work Being Stolen Former Chairman of Earth and Environment Department at the College of Science in University of Kuwait Mohammad Al- Sara’awi alleged that several university dons have become accustomed to stealin... December 05, 2017 861 Category: Kuwait
Pensions, Petrol Price, Nationality Atop Agenda Of New Legislative Term The second legislative term of the National Assembly will open tomorrow, Tuesday, with draft laws on pensions, petrol prices and nationality being on top of the agenda. Other draft legislations, su... October 23, 2017 1122 Category: Kuwait
Bedoun Fugitive Wanted By Law Was Caught A Bedoun fugitive, who was convicted nine years ago of impersonating the director of a national agency and was sentenced to a jail term of three years, was finally caught in front of Kuwait Towers, re... October 11, 2017 648 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Kuwaiti Woman To Punishment After She Was Convicted Of Murdering Her Friend The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance, which sentenced a Kuwaiti woman to capital punishment after she was convicted of murdering her friend in Sabah Al-Salem a... September 27, 2017 651 Category: Crime News
Youth Acquitted Of Theft And Damaging A Pleasure Craft Belonging To The Neighbor's Son The Misdemeanor Court abstained from punishing a citizen for theft and maliciously damaging a pleasure craft belonging to the neighbor’s son. The court instead obliged him to sign an undertaking... August 06, 2017 551 Category: Crime News
Court Set June 18, 2017 For The Announcement Of Its Judgment On The Abdally Cell Case The Court of Cassation set June 18, 2017 for the announcement of its judgment on the Abdally Cell case filed by the State Security Department which accused 26 people of plotting heinous activities in ... May 16, 2017 703 Category: Crime News
Death Sentence For Iranians Who Killed Kuwait Ruling Family Member Two Iranians have been sentenced to death for assassinating a member of the Kuwaiti ruling family and Indonesian woman then fled the house after stealing KD 276,000 in November 2016.The Criminal Court... May 14, 2017 723 Category: Crime News
Public Prosecution Dprtmnt Detained The Man Accused Of Beating Policeman The Public Prosecution Department Thursday decided to detain the man accused of beating a policeman for 21 days in the Central Prison. Informed sources added the Public Prosecution denied request of t... April 14, 2017 712 Category: Crime News
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