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Municipality Punished Old Cleaning Companies By Deducting Bank Guarantees Kuwait Municipality revealed that so old cleaning companies are transferring their trained workers to new cleaning companies. Municipality Chairman Masoud Al Mutair said “There is no accumulatio... October 31, 2019 376 Category: Kuwait
7,800 Police Punished In Philippines For ‘deadly’ Drug Raids Thousands of Philippine police officers have received administrative punishments with more than 2,000 dismissed for wrongdoings during raids where drug suspects were killed under the president’s... July 19, 2019 283 Category: Filipinos
More Than 100 Traffic Officers Punished For Issuing Citations Against Kuwaitis And Expats More than 100 officers and non-commissioned officers working for the General Traffic Department were summoned and interrogated in 2018 after receiving complaints that the men in uniform had issued arb... June 18, 2019 480 Category: Crime News
Police Officer Was Booked For Smoking While On Duty In adherence to the slogan ‘No one is above the law’ the Environment Protection Police (EPP) have issued a citation against a police officer for smoking while on duty and after a cigarette... April 17, 2018 553 Category: Crime News
Employees Who Applied For Emergency Leave On June 28 And 29 Will Be Punished Accordingly Employees, who were absent on June 28 and June 29, will not be penalized provided they followed procedures for taking leave days as stipulated in the Labor Law which allows three types of leave days e... June 30, 2017 4327 Category: Kuwait
Meat Markets Are To Be Inspected Regularly There have been rumors that the Kuwaiti markets sell pork, meat of donkey and dogs, reports Al-Rai daily. The head of emergency team of the Kuwait Municipality, Capital Governorate branch Tariq Al-Qat... January 16, 2017 1185 Category: Crime News
Using Disabled Parking Spaces Will Be Punished By 1 Month Imprisonment , Fine Director of the public authority for disabled affairs Dr Shafiqa Al-Awadhi said that in collaboration with the interior ministry, article 63 of law 8/2010 pertaining the rights of the disabled will be... December 09, 2016 2365 Category: Information
Female US Citizen Has Filed A Complaint On Her Pakistani Husband Of Assaulting Her A female US citizen has filed a complaint with the Salmiya Police Station accusing her Pakistani husband of assaulting her, reports Al- Rai daily. She has submitted a medical report from a hospital... October 29, 2016 3342 Category: Crime News
350 Businesses Penalized For Fraud About 350 companies and commercial stores in Kuwait have been punished for practicing commercial fraud and increasing prices of commodities, according to the Commercial Supervision and Consumer Protec... August 23, 2016 1737 Category: Kuwait
Employers Who File Malicious Absconding Reports Will Be Punished The number of absconding cases in the year 2015 reached 18,000, which spells danger in the humanitarian and security aspects, said Director of Labor Relations Department, acting Director of Worker Syn... April 28, 2016 1268 Category: Kuwait
2 Expatriate Teachers Punished The misdemeanor court yesterday sentenced two expatriate teachers working for a private school to two weeks in prison with labor over their responsibility for the death of a child. The kid, named Nawa... November 24, 2015 2080 Category: Kuwait
MOI Said, Officials Punished In Airport Security Lapse Ministry of Interior is said to have handed down punishments to all officials found culpable in the security lapses that occurred last week inside the VIP Lounge of Kuwait International Airport when a... November 09, 2015 2422 Category: Kuwait
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