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Jleeb suspect is in custody for taking money from expats as protection An unknown police impersonator was caught by the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh police for robbing ex-pats in broad daylight. Because of their nature, the suspect allegedly targeted expatriates, and the majority o... March 27, 2022 496 Category: Crime News
‘Some Govt Depts Overlook Rules’ Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) said some government agencies are not implementing the administrative protection that the authority grants to whoever reports corruption cases, reports Al-Jar... November 02, 2021 170 Category: Kuwait
PAM Affirms Its Commitment To Provide Workers Legal Protection Director-General of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) Ahmed Al-Mousa on Monday stressed the authority’s commitment to providing legal protection and ensuring an appropriate work environmen... December 01, 2020 266 Category: Information
Kuwait Airways Is Discussing With Aircraft Protection Ways To Develop Cooperation The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Airways, Captain Ali Al-Dukhan, accompanied by the CEO of the Agency, Adel Al-Sanea, visited the headquarters of the Aircraft Protection Department of ... November 18, 2020 811 Category: Travel
Minister Of Commerce: The Competition Protection Law Creates A Fair Environment And Provides Competition Between Companies Minister of Trade and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan said today, Wednesday, that the proposal for a law and the draft law in the matter of “protecting competition” aims to achieve protection o... October 07, 2020 383 Category: Business
Face Shields Do Not Provide Protection From Corona Contrary to everyone’s impression, a study warned that plastic face shields allow nearly 100% of the airborne droplets released by coronavirus patients to escape through masks. According to t... September 24, 2020 1032 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Did Not Request American Or British Forces For Protection Kuwait: We did not ask for additional forces … “neither American nor British” stating that the forces are already present and there is no need to increase them, in addition Kuwaiti ... January 06, 2020 606 Category: Kuwait
Al-Fadhel Affirmed The Importance Of Addressing Issue Related To Protection Of Commercial Competition Vital MP Ahmed Al-Fadhel affirmed to the National Assembly the importance of addressing the issue related to protection of commercial competition in the upcoming legislative round and putting an end to the ... October 22, 2019 263 Category: Business
Consumer Protection - Reduction Of 15,734 Items Assistant Undersecretary for Observation and Consumer Protection Affairs at Ministry of Commerce and Industry Eid Al-Rasheedi revealed that he recommended the reduction of 15,734 items during the holy... May 27, 2019 363 Category: Crime News
US And Kuwait Committed To Improving Intellectual Property Protection Countries around the world recently marked World Intellectual Property Day for a very good reason: protecting intellectual property is essential for the development of all modern economies. All tho... May 02, 2019 267 Category: Business
Trump Ranks Kuwait Among Worst In Intellectual Property Rights Protection The Trump administration has placed three dozen countries on an annual list of trading partners that “present the most significant concerns” regarding the lack of intellectual property (IP... April 30, 2019 418 Category: International
Kuwait Has Been Working Hard On Intellectual Property Protection Kuwait has been working hard in the past five years to ameliorate intellectual property protection to encourage creativity and invention and attract investments, said US intellectual property attache ... April 24, 2019 274 Category: Kuwait
No Constitutional Equality Protection In Singling Out Expats For Imposing Tax On Remittance The parliamentary Financial and Economics Affairs Committee on Monday discussed the proposal to impose tax on international money transfers, during which the committee reiterated there is no constitut... April 02, 2019 264 Category: Kuwait
Migrant Workers Do Not Enjoy Adequate Legal Protection In Kuwait The Human Rights Watch (HRW) has acknowledged the fact that the Kuwaiti government reforms continue to be carried out in respect of the file of the expatriates during 2018, but at the same time confir... January 20, 2019 529 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Has Laws Governing Cybersecurity Aside from advancements in financial technology services, cybersecurity is of broad and current interest in the State of Kuwait. As a result, many organizations are offering cybersecurity products and... January 11, 2019 499 Category: Legal
Doctor Gets Divorce From Mandoub Husband The Family Court of First Instance has granted an expatriate female doctor divorce from her mandoub husband with her full Islamic rights and protection from verbal and physical attacks by her husband.... November 28, 2018 525 Category: Crime News
Fines For Blocking Drains With Garbage Compensation will be granted to those who suffered damages caused by the heavy rains, while others will be obliged to pay huge fines for committing violations which resulted in the floods, reports Al-... November 19, 2018 347 Category: Kuwait
Minister Of Commerce And Industry Opens Consumer Protection Center Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled Al-Roudhan opened Sunday the new Consumer Protection and Control Center at The Avenues shopping mall as part of the ministry plan to spread commercial awarenes... September 03, 2018 474 Category: Business
Kuwait To Draft Resolution On Palestinian Protection – US Blocked Kuwait ‘statement’ Bid The UN’s Middle East envoy said there was no justifying the killings of more than 50 Palestinians by Israeli fire at the Gaza border, and several Security Council members called for an independe... May 17, 2018 856 Category: International
Give More Protection For Workers The Kuwaiti Society for Human Rights has called on the authorities to give more protection for workers, improve some legislative aspects of the Labor Law No. 6/2010 in the private sector, reports Al-R... May 03, 2018 654 Category: Kuwait
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