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Since 1946, Kuwait Has Extracted 51 Billion Barrels Of Oil Kuwait's oil production has been 51.8 billion barrels since the first shipment in 1946 until the end of the first quarter of this year, with an estimated two billion barrels of oil burned and/or &... April 04, 2022 235 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait’s Plans To Increase Production Over The Next Two Years Ambitious: Argos Argos Media website described Kuwait’s plans to increase its oil production capacity as ambitious goals after years of declining production. The website quoted the Kuwait Petroleum Corporatio... November 01, 2021 282 Category: Business
‘Oil Production To Hit 3.5 M Bpd’ The CEO of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) Hashem Al-Hashem says the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is implementing a number of strategic projects that will have a direct impact on increasing the pro... October 25, 2021 321 Category: Business
Saudi-Kuwait Border Issue Settled - Production To Begin THE agreement signed in Kuwait last Tuesday between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait concerning the divided zone has settled the issue forever, opening a new page of cooperation. This is detailed in the agreem... December 29, 2019 493 Category: Business
Decline In KPC’s Production Capacity A Reality The decline in Kuwait Petroleum Corporation’s (KPC) current production capacity of 2.9 million barrels per day (down 750,000 bpd from the planned 3.65 million bpd in accordance with KPC plans an... August 20, 2019 433 Category: Business
Bid To Resume Oil Production In Khafji The last point of contention between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to resume oil production in the Khafji divided area is related to the appropriate compensation mechanism for Chevron, noting that there is ... July 07, 2019 565 Category: Business
KUFPEC Hikes Production Of Canadian Rock Oil The Executive Chairman of Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Co (KUFPEC), Sheikh Nawaf Al-Sabah, expects to produce about 20,000 barrels of oil per day (bpd) in its Canadian rock gas project by the ... June 28, 2019 464 Category: Business
Plans To Expand Production Of Gas Kuwait plans to expand production of gas in the coming period, with annual revenues of about 850 million dollars, reports Annahar daily quoting sources. The sources added, the increase in production w... January 25, 2019 452 Category: Business
Kuwait Production Of Light Crude Currently Stands At 180,000 Bpd Kuwait’s production of light crude currently stands at 180,000 barrels a day, according to director of production operations and gas projects at the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Ali Al-Kandari, rep... December 30, 2018 399 Category: Business
Kuwait Says Light Crude Production Sits At 180,000 Barrels Per Day  Kuwait currently churns out around 180,000 barrels of light crude oil per day, in addition to half a billion cubic feet of free gas, state-run Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) said on Tuesday. Light ... December 26, 2018 382 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait-Saudi In Talks On Possible Oil ‘re-production’ In Neutral Zone Minister of Oil, Minister of Electricity and Water Engineer Bakheet Al- Rasheedi and Chief Executive Officer of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) Nizar Al-Adasani arrived in Saudi Arabia in an an... December 14, 2018 532 Category: Business
Increase In Oil Prices Boosts Arab Production Growth To $2.7 Trillion The oil prices hike boosted the expectations of acceleration in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in the Arab region at an average rate of 2.8 percent to reach USD 2.7 trillion in 2018, the Arab Inv... December 13, 2018 314 Category: Business
Kuwait Continues Regular Fuel Production And Export Crude oil production, exportation and supplying the domestic market with fuel have been continuing regularly in aftermath of the latest torrential rainfall, said the official spokesman of the oil sect... November 16, 2018 378 Category: Business
Less Oil Production To Help Maintain Balance Reducing oil production to maintain market balance could be necessary in the not too distant future, a Kuwaiti official warned on Sunday. OPEC ministerial talks held here revealed commitment to reduct... November 13, 2018 336 Category: Business
Oil Prices In Swing Mood Despite Saudi Arabia’s assurance to the global oil producers about provision of adequate supply, prices will continue to be unsettled even after Nov 4, which is the date set for the launch of US... October 28, 2018 359 Category: Business
Kuwait Oil Price Down By 63 Cents To $73.52 Per Barrel The price of Kuwaiti oil went down by 63 cents to $73.52 per barrel (pb) Friday, after being at $74.15 pb the day before, said Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) on Saturday. On the global level, oil ... July 08, 2018 965 Category: Economics
New Gas Station Spikes Output By 250 Mln Cubic Feet - Minister A new Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)-launched gas station will boost production by 250 million cubic feet and churn out around 68,000 barrels of gas condensate, said Kuwait's Minister of Oil Bkheet Al-R... February 05, 2018 823 Category: Kuwait
KPC Expects To Spend Over 500 Billion Dollors As It Boosts Its Crude Oil Production Capacity Kuwait Petroleum Corporation expects to spend over $500 billion as it boosts its crude oil production capacity to 4.75 million barrels per day in 2040, the national oil firm said on Wednesday, outlini... February 01, 2018 725 Category: Kuwait
Start Of Operations At Al-Sabriya Jurassic Oil, Gas Field - KOC Kuwait Oil Co announced on Wednesday the immediate launch of operations at Al-Sabriya field, which will produce Jurassic oil and gas. The field is the first of three similar projects, which have be... January 12, 2018 2357 Category: Kuwait
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