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Air Conditioning Is A Problem At 20% Of Government Schools Education sources bemoan what they call the air conditioning crisis in government schools, claiming that about 20% of schools are still experiencing issues with some air-conditioning units, with stude... April 09, 2022 218 Category: Kuwait
Problem Of Kuwait Students Studying In Egypt Is Certificate Authentication Head of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students – Egypt Branch, Ayoub Al-Sarraf, pointed out that the most prominent problems faced by Kuwaiti students studying in Egypt include: authentication o... February 16, 2020 305 Category: Kuwait
MPW Looking At Proposals, Solutions To End Car Parking Problem Of Staff The Ministry of Public Works (MPW) is considering several proposals and solutions to the problem of staff car parks in the ministry building to end the daily sufferings of the staff due to shortage of... May 13, 2019 314 Category: Kuwait
Need To Find Solution To No Unemployment For Kuwaitis Problem “There is a need to find solutions to the problem of unemployment especially that the proportion of non-Kuwaitis has become 25% in the government sector,” said the speakers during a panel ... March 29, 2019 264 Category: Kuwait
PAAET Agreed That The Term The System Is Not Working Is A Problem Has Become Frequent In Recent Times In A Number Of Ministries Academics at the Kuwait University and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) have agreed that the term “The system is not working or is disrupted” is a problem ha... March 26, 2019 439 Category: Kuwait
MoH To Solve Insurance Problem Of Expats Ministry of Health has affirmed that problems expatriates face with the health insurance services at Jabriya center will be solved soon with or without the involvement of the Health Insurance Company,... November 14, 2018 931 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait University Students Protest In Parking Problem Students of the College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University staged a sit-in Wednesday to demand a lasting solution to “parking” problem, which has gripped the college for yea... October 19, 2018 665 Category: Crime News
Panel Proposed To Deal With Bachelor Residence Problem Farwaniya Committee of the Municipal Council has referred a proposal to Kuwait Municipality for forming a committee to deal with the problem related to bachelors living in residential areas in Firdous... September 21, 2018 3147 Category: Kuwait
Problem Of Air Conditioning In Schools To Be Solved This Week After a barrage of parliamentary queries and MPs putting political pressure on Minister of Education and Higher Education Minister Hamed Al-Azmi on the frequent breakdown of air conditioning units in ... September 06, 2018 445 Category: Kuwait
Problem At Kuwait Airport Will Never Be Resolved By Opening New Facilities The gateway to any country is its airport and the Kuwait International Airport is no exception to this belief. It is clear to us that the problem of our airport is purely of administrative nature and ... September 03, 2018 834 Category: Kuwait
Radical Solutions Needed For Bachelor Residential Problem According to several MPs, the issue related to bachelors staying in private residential areas needs radical solutions topped by expediting the construction of residential areas for bachelors, reports ... September 03, 2018 458 Category: Kuwait
Problem Of 80 Stranded Nurses From India - Remains Unsolved  The 80 Indian nurses which had signed a contract to work with Kuwait’s Ministry of Health continue to live in ‘no man’s land’, reports Al-Anba daily. According to repo... September 01, 2018 591 Category: Kuwait
Mosquito Problem Due To Stagnant Water In The Sabah Al-Ahmed City As a result of negligence by the state authority responsible for dealing with the stagnant water present in Sabah Al- Ahmed City close to Area E, the rate of mosquitoes in the area has been increasing... August 20, 2018 647 Category: Kuwait
Not Eligible For NOC From KSE – Will I Have Problem In Renewing My Driving License I hold a Diploma in Electrical Engineering passed in 1992 but always worked in IT field as support engineer. I came to Kuwait in 2001 with the designation ‘Computer Engineer’ (No one asked... May 29, 2018 966 Category: Driving License
Burgan Bank Recognized As One Of Best Regional Problem Solvers Burgan Bank, a dynamic and progressive Kuwaiti bank, was recently awarded one of the best ‘Regional Problem Solver’ awards in recognition of the exceptional solutions addressing potential ... May 17, 2018 1103 Category: Economics
Divorce And Sponsorship Of Child I have been offered a job in Kuwait, but my husband has applied for a divorce and the case is ongoing. I want to take my child along with me to Kuwait. What are the formalities and what if in child pa... May 15, 2018 558 Category: Legal
Charity Needed To Pay Of My Debts I don’t know this is a right or not but something needs to be done to get out of my situation. I am in debts from top to bottom and need monetary assistance. If your company or channel can help ... May 03, 2018 453 Category: Legal
Measures Eyed To Tackle Problem Of Bachelors In Residential Areas Farwaniya Governor Sheikh Faisal Al- Hamoud highlighted the concern that the political leadership has regarding the presence of bachelors in residential areas, describing the issue as a ticking time b... May 03, 2018 398 Category: Kuwait
Transferred From Company Visa To Project Visa Have No Problem In Reverting I have been working on a company visa for the last 15 years, currently I got good offer to work on oil and gas project. If I finish the project period, can I transfer my visa again to company visa? Wi... May 02, 2018 2505 Category: Project Visa
MP Request Session On Problem Of Domestic Workers The National Assembly during Tuesday’s session will discuss four letters — two of them submitted by the head of the National Assembly’s Women’s Affairs Committee. In one of the... April 29, 2018 2302 Category: Kuwait
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