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Civil Aviation And MoH To Devise Health Checkup Procedures, Agree To Fix PCR Pricing The Civil Aviation coordinates with the Ministry of Health (MoH) to implement the Cabinet’s decision of charging airlines the cost of PCR examinations of travelers upon arrival in Kuwait and dur... January 24, 2021 492 Category: Coronavirus
Pricing Responsibility Of Ministry Of Commerce The director of the Cooperative Societies Development Department in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Hayam Al-Khudair, stressed on the need to develop the performance and tasks of the adminis... January 28, 2019 292 Category: Business
Shrimp Stocks Abundant And Pricing Reasonable Director General of Fisheries Sector in the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) Marzouq Al-Azmi affirmed that the production of shrimps this year has been abundant as... September 02, 2018 428 Category: Kuwait
MOE Alert Against Unjustified Pricing Of Tablets Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammed Al-Fares said the cost for distribution of tablet devices to students is KD 26,390,254. In response to the question of MP Mubarak Al-Harees about... May 28, 2017 542 Category: Kuwait
Panel To Guard Against Ramadan Price Rise On Some Commodities Across The GCC Countries Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued a ministerial decision to specify 120 commodities to be included for unified prices across the GCC countries, revealing that these commodities are food and... May 07, 2017 490 Category: Kuwait
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