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Crude Oil Price At $65 Per Barrel Is Not Sustainable CRUDE oil prices jumped last week for the first time since last September along with the USA oil, hitting the level of $65 per barrel. This encourages USA shale producers to push for more oil producti... December 15, 2019 299 Category: Business
Price Of Apartments To Own In Kuwait Is Lower Compared To Other Gulf Countries The Real Estate Association revealed in a report that the price of apartments to own in Kuwait is lower compared to other Gulf countries and several other countries in the world as the price per meter... September 04, 2019 1109 Category: Kuwait
Market Witnesses Remarkable Stability In Price Of Sheep Unlike last Ramadan, the market witnessed a remarkable stability in the price of sheep, which did not exceed the normal price of the past few months, reports Al-Rai daily. Although the traders cons... June 04, 2019 306 Category: Business
MP Concern On Price Rise During The Holy Month Of Ramadan MPs voiced concern and dissatisfaction over the government for disregarding the rising prices of commodities during the Holy Month of Ramadan, urging Minister of Commerce and Industry Khalid Al-Roudan... May 12, 2019 299 Category: Kuwait
Price Of Local Sheep Has Reached 110 Dinars As Ramadan Approaches Between consumer greed and demand, the sheep prices fluctuate in the local markets and retail outlets across the country, where the price of local sheep has reached 110 dinars before Ramadan which is ... May 05, 2019 536 Category: Kuwait
Health Insurance Fees From Jan 2020 To Be KD 130 The expatriates will have to pay more money in the form of health insurance should the concerned authorities decide to do so, reports the Al-Qabas electronic website quoting informed health sources. ... April 04, 2019 3472 Category: Health Insurance
Price Of Carton Of Cucumber Up From 50 Fils To KD1.5 In The Last Few Days At a time agricultural production is supposed to increase due to the suitable conditions, the price of cucumber increased remarkably in the last few days, reports Al- Rai daily. The price of a cart... March 25, 2019 521 Category: Kuwait
Price Rise Fears In Private Healthcare  With the recent decisions of the Ministry of Health to amend and add fees for health services related to the licenses of private medical establishments, licenses of medical practitioners and sup... March 13, 2019 366 Category: Kuwait
KFH, AUB Reach Deal On Preliminary Exchange Price Of Shares Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Chairman, Hamad Abdulmohsen Al-Marzouq, said that the procedures for KFH’s acquisition of Ahli United Bank B.S.C. are moving forward as all relevant studies conducted ... January 27, 2019 587 Category: Business
Hike In Price Of Indian Onions – Presence Of Pesticides In Egyptian Onions The vegetable season has seen a significant increase in the prices of Indian onions, against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia’s decision to stop importing Egyptian onions citing the presence of pest... January 21, 2019 782 Category: Kuwait
$70 Oil Price Is Comfortable For All – US Disappoints Producers With Its Iran Waivers Russia, the biggest oil producer, clearly stated last week that an oil price of $70 per barrel is satisfactory. With this, rest of the oil producers feel better and will take prompt actions on their p... November 18, 2018 530 Category: Business
CBK Seeks To Avert Commodities Price Rise After New Lending Rules The Central Bank of Kuwait has addressed the Ministry of Commerce and Industry notifying it of new lending regulations to avert unjustified rise of prices of commodities and services. CBK Deputy Go... November 12, 2018 364 Category: Business
Price Spike Seen For Kuwait Light Crude Oil – Demand High On the occasion of Kuwait’s first light crude oil shipment, MP Osama Al-Shaheen praised all the concerned officials and employees for their efforts in making such a milestone possible; pointing ... November 09, 2018 594 Category: Kuwait
Price Of 10 Kgs Pomfret Fish Equivalent To Price Of 2 Sheep The price of all kinds of fish continues to soar in spite of the favorable weather conditions for fishing, report Al-Rai daily. The daily said, during auction yesterday at the Souk Sharq 10 kilos of Z... September 30, 2018 770 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Crude Price Around $65-75 Pb Until End Of 2018 Kuwait crude price to remain in the range of $65-75 pb until the end of 2018, an oil expert said Sunday. In an interview with KUNA, oil expert Dr Abdul-Samie’ Behbehani projected the Brent crude... July 09, 2018 588 Category: Economics
Kuwait Oil Price Down By 63 Cents To $73.52 Per Barrel The price of Kuwaiti oil went down by 63 cents to $73.52 per barrel (pb) Friday, after being at $74.15 pb the day before, said Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) on Saturday. On the global level, oil ... July 08, 2018 964 Category: Economics
Increase In Fuel Price Not Linked To Rate Of Inflation High cost of fuel did not contribute to high inflation rate in Kuwait shortly after announcing the new prices of fuel in September 2016, reports Al-Nahar daily. According to official data, prices o... May 17, 2018 955 Category: Kuwait
Abu Dhabi Sees World's Biggest Property Price Decline In 2017 Abu Dhabi's real estate market saw the largest annual price declines in the world during the fourth quarter of 2017, according to consultants Knight Frank. House prices in the UAE capital fell ... April 14, 2018 637 Category: Kuwait
MOCI Imposed Fines On Shops That Sell Childrens Toys The emergency team of Al-Siddiq Commercial Zone in the Consumer Protection Sector of Ministry of Commerce and Industry has imposed fines on six shops that sell children’s toys in Sharq area due ... September 07, 2017 470 Category: Crime News
Price Retreat Connected With Global Oil Supplies Surplus - Source Source close to OPEC said Monday that the retreat in oil prices would continue if the global supplies maintained its surplus. The source, preferring anonymity, told KUNA that the supplies increase at ... June 13, 2017 525 Category: Kuwait
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