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Presence Of The Local Zubaidi On The First Day on the first day of the opening of his hunting season, the fish market in the east of Zubeidi was scarce, due to the stoppage of lunges, parcels and fishing boats in the corresponding year and the abs... July 17, 2020 770 Category: Kuwait
Intensify Presence On Roads Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham officially opened the Central Operations Control Room inside the General Administration of Traffic building after its renov... December 04, 2019 485 Category: Kuwait
Philippines To Protest Presence Of Chinese Ships The Philippines will lodge a protest over the unannounced presence of two Chinese research vessels in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ), one of at least three diplomatic challenges in recent weeks ami... August 11, 2019 342 Category: International
Iraq Cracks IS Cell - US Talks 'presence' Iraq’s Interior Ministry dismantled a terrorist cell, consisting of 200 elements, that belong to the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the province of Anbar west of the country. “Security fo... February 13, 2019 302 Category: International
Hike In Price Of Indian Onions – Presence Of Pesticides In Egyptian Onions The vegetable season has seen a significant increase in the prices of Indian onions, against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia’s decision to stop importing Egyptian onions citing the presence of pest... January 21, 2019 942 Category: Kuwait
Culture, Art And Ethics A senior doctor says the pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money to boost the sexual potential of men and women and to develop their genitals, while they do not spend enough to cure dementia or ... December 13, 2018 939 Category: Article
MoI Refutes Claims Of Mines Presence Department of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior has refuted rumors that it had received several reports on sighting of land mines due to sand being washed away as a result of rain in Kuwait ov... November 29, 2018 452 Category: Kuwait
Parents Surprised By The Presence Of Male Cleaning Workers At School For Girls When a number of parents were surprised by the presence of male cleaning workers in the secondary schools for girls in the Ahmadi Educational Zone, the director of the zone Waleed Al- Oumi disclaimed ... September 19, 2018 562 Category: Kuwait
No Wild Parties Will Be Allowed In Salwa Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah assured residents in Salwa that security teams will be formed soon to combat negative phenomena and respond to their complaints, reports Al... May 30, 2018 454 Category: Crime News
Chance For Scattered Rain On Friday Due To The Presence Of Low Pressure Wind There is a chance for scattered rain on Friday due to the presence of low-pressure wind in Kuwait’s atmosphere, said the official at the Kuwait Meteorological Department Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi. Spe... April 07, 2017 698 Category: Kuwait
Indian Property Show Opens At Crowne Plaza The much awaited IIK Indian Property Show 2016 was inaugurated today, Friday, 11th November 2016 at Al Afrah Balroom, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Farwaniya. Exhibition was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador to ... November 11, 2016 2577 Category: Others
Members Of The Municipal Council Slam The Presence Of Closed Cabins In Cafes Municipal Council slams expats for expats for illegal activities inside closed cabins in cafes and what goes on in some of them, such as the “sale” of women, liquor and drugs, Kuwait ... January 13, 2016 1523 Category: Kuwait
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