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MEW Warns Of Power, Water Supply Cuts The Ministry of Electricity and Water has sent 11,332 warning letters to customers with threats to cut water and power supply if they fail to pay consumption charges as part of the ministry’s dr... November 22, 2021 399 Category: Kuwait
Ministry Studying To Increase Power, Water Consumption Tariff After Two Years Except For Residential Sector The Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy, Dr. Mishaan Al-Otaibi, announced the ministry is studying to increase the water and electricity tariff on all sectors except for the residentia... October 03, 2021 352 Category: Kuwait
MEW Employs 93.3% Of Kuwaitis In Power, Distillation Plants Informed sources in the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy revealed the percentage of national employment reached 93.3% in the six electric power and water distillation stations. ... August 22, 2021 560 Category: Kuwait
Partial Power Outage In Salam Area The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy announced that two sub-feeders of Salam Station B were out of service, which led to a power outage in parts of Salam area. “Necessary w... July 12, 2021 317 Category: Kuwait
Bid To Curb Power Theft The deputy head of the ‘judicial seizures’ team at the Ministry of Electricity and Water Ahmed Al- Shimmari announced the launch of a campaign at the Jahra Stables in cooperation and coord... February 08, 2021 318 Category: Kuwait
Bid To Rationalize Power And Water  The Ministry of Electricity and Water announced the opening of the electronic portal for the first version of the ‘Decide It’ project for citizens who are keen to contribute to ratio... February 03, 2021 311 Category: Kuwait
Power Cuts In Some Parts Of The Rumaithiya Area The exit of the secondary transfer station (Rumaithiya A) from service led to a power cut in part of the Rumaithiya area. “The secondary transfer station, Rumaithiya A, was out of service due... December 23, 2020 358 Category: Information
Power Cables Stolen From Oil Wells Police are looking for unidentified thieves for stealing 21 power cables from the two oil wells in the Bahrah field number bh0092 belonging to the Kuwait Oil Company in the Subbiya region, reports Al-... December 23, 2020 555 Category: Crime News
New Power Minister Faces Many Challenges, Several Pending Files After the recent meeting between the Minister of Electricity and Water and Minister of Oil Dr Muhammad Al-Faris and the Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity Jassem Al- Nouri, informed ... December 22, 2020 407 Category: Information
4 Hours Power Interruption In 13 Areas According to the latest report of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Electricity and Water as of last September owed 299.382 million dinars in total debts down 23.241 million Kuwaiti dinars comp... December 13, 2020 1137 Category: Information
A Defect In A Main Station Cuts Power To Several Areas In Jahra The main switching station, Jahra AW, was out of service shortly before, causing power cuts to several areas in Jahra Governorate. The ministry said in a statement, “Emergency teams are current... December 03, 2020 352 Category: Information
Electricity Cuts Off Power In A Number Of Areas Of Farwaniya, The Capital, Hawalli And Mubarak Al-Kabeer Arabic local newspaper alanba reported that The interruptions due to maintenance work will include parts of Al-Qurain, Sabah Al-Salem, Al-Fayhaa, Dasma, Al-Qibla, Jabriya, Salwa, Seville and Andalus r... November 01, 2020 668 Category: Kuwait
The Ministry’s Emergency Plan Succeeded In Dealing With Power Cuts In Hawalli And Mubarak Hospital The Ministry of Health confirmed that the workflow at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital was not affected by the power cuts yesterday, whether inside the wards, in the intensive care rooms, or in the laborato... October 29, 2020 762 Category: Information
Power Cuts In Several Areas In Hawalli Governorate The main switching station “Salmiya W” was out of service a while ago, which led to partial power cuts in several areas in Hawalli Governorate. Traffic lights were disrupted due to the ... October 28, 2020 1313 Category: Information
6 Arabs Held For Stealing Cables From Power Transformers The Ahmadi police have arrested six Arab men for stealing copper cables from power transformers, reports Al-Anba daily. According to a security source, the arrest came after a 39-year old Kuwaiti call... September 08, 2020 521 Category: Crime News
Electricity Restored Back In Qadsiya - Ministry Of Electricity And Water The Ministry of Electricity and Water announced on Saturday that the power would be restored to the main transfer station in Al-Qadsiya (Al-Qadsiya A), after the station was stopped due to a failure o... April 12, 2020 673 Category: Kuwait
38 Hawkers Arrested And Power Disconnected To 70 Violating Plots A joint ministerial committee that was formed for following up the situation in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area carried out a campaign in Hasawi area during which electricity to 70 violating real-estates were ... January 27, 2020 314 Category: Crime News
Campaign In Jleeb Continues - Power Supply Cut To Homes In This Week Deputy head of the Judicial Department at Ministry of Electricity and Water, Engineer Ahmad Al-Shammari, said the team cut power supply to some houses in Ahmadi this week after the municipality issued... November 26, 2019 696 Category: Kuwait
MEW Floats Tender To Upgrade Power Networks Assistant Undersecretary for Power Network Distribution at the Ministry of Electricity and Water Eng Metleq Al-Utaibi has disclosed that the ministry floated two tenders for upgrading power networks i... November 14, 2019 369 Category: Business
KOC Sets Up 2 Projects Worth KD 30 Million For Construction Of KV11 Substation Power Plants The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has set up two projects worth about 30 million dinars for the construction of KV11 substation power plants in the Burgan field to supply the submersible electric pumps in ... May 29, 2019 5656 Category: Business
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