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Egypt Is Ready To Import Poultry From Kuwait Dr Abdel Aziz Al-Sayed, the head of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce's poultry branch, said Cairo is ready to export any number of chickens to Kuwait, especially after receiving requests from the ... May 19, 2022 139 Category: Kuwait
A Global Price Increase Prompts Companies To Raise Poultry Prices There are a number of poultry producers requesting the Kuwaiti Ministry of Commerce and Industry allow them to raise poultry prices, in line with the global price rise and rising costs. According t... May 14, 2022 110 Category: Kuwait
Companies That Produce Poultry Are Warning Of Closures For Several Reasons With the decline in egg prices while the cost of fodder has climbed and the state's ban on the export of eggs, a number of poultry and egg production enterprises have urged that they be supported ... April 16, 2022 202 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Suspends Poultry Imports From Three Countries The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) has banned imports of poultry from Djibouti, Mali, and Romania due to outbreak of bird flu in these countries. The authorit... May 10, 2021 4555 Category: Kuwait
Ban On Poultry Products From Iran And India Lifted A decree was issued by the Undersecretary for Consumer Protection and Control to lift the ban on importing all kinds of bird meat (fresh, chilled, frozen and processed) of all kinds and derivatives fr... November 02, 2019 645 Category: Kuwait
Ban On Kuwaiti Poultry Lifted By UAE The United Arab Emirates yesterday lifted a ban on all imports of live domestic and wild birds from Kuwait it had imposed in February following a bird flu scare. According to a notice issued by the... May 13, 2019 407 Category: Kuwait
Ban On Import Of Poultry Products From Pakistan Director General of General Customs Department Jamal Al-Jalawi has issued a decision to temporarily ban the import of all kinds of live birds including chicken, and eggs from Pakistan due to outbreak ... April 29, 2019 399 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Bans Poultry From Germany And Malaysia Kuwait’s Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) on Tuesday announced a ban on birds and associated products from Malaysia and Germany after bird flu outbreaks. The... August 30, 2018 1424 Category: Kuwait
Poultry Exports From Togo Were Banned The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) said Wednesday that poultry exports from Togo were banned due to reports on the discovery of bird flu. PAAAFR told KUNA that t... May 10, 2018 512 Category: Kuwait
Ban Of Importing Beef, Goats, Sheep And Birds From Several Countries The Ministry of Commerce has issued 11 administrative decisions to ban the import of beef, goats, sheep and birds from several countries due to the emergence of anthrax, foot-and-mouth disease and avi... April 23, 2018 1329 Category: Kuwait
MOCI Has Banned The Import Of Fresh And Frozen Poultry Ministry of Commerce and Industry has banned the import of fresh and frozen poultry and all types of poultry products and derivatives from Luxembourg except for eggs that have been thermally treated a... August 28, 2017 1486 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Free Of New Bird Flu Strain Kuwait is free of the new deadly strain of avian influenza, known as bird flu (H5N1), the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resource (PAAAFR) affirmed yesterday. Livestock and poultry p... May 14, 2017 1124 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Municipality Officials Has Flooding Tons Of Banned Foodstuffs In Local Markets Lackluster attitude of Kuwait Municipality officials has led to the flooding of tons of banned foodstuffs into the local markets. According to a source, officials of the Imported Foodstuffs Department... April 30, 2017 799 Category: Crime News
Court Obliged A Foodstuff And Poultry Company To Pay Indemnity The Administration Court obliged a major foodstuff and poultry company to pay indemnity worth KD 22,000 to one of its former employees who worked for the company from 1994 to 2013. R e p r e – s... April 28, 2017 1096 Category: Indemnity
Meat Imports Reaching The Domestic Market Ensure The Products Are Safe For Consumption All meat imports reaching the domestic market are subjected to thorough and very careful examination to ensure the products are safe for consumption, a municipal official affirmed on Wednesday. The... March 23, 2017 1395 Category: Kuwait
Customs Department Instructed To Stop importing of All Live Poultry From 5 Countries Director-General of the General Department for Customs Khalid Al-Seif has given instructions to stop the import of all live poultry and chics from five countries which have reported an outbreak of the... January 23, 2017 734 Category: Crime News
Kuwait Bans Poultry Products From India Due To Concerns Of Bird Flu The Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources has banned the import of all poultry products from India due to concerns of H5N1 (bird flu). Kuwait accounts for only a fraction of Ind... March 10, 2016 1402 Category: Kuwait
Temporary Ban On The Import Of Poultry From 5 Countries Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued a temporary ban on the import of poultry (live and frozen) from five countries based on the recommendation of Food Safety Committee, reports Al-Rai daily. ... November 03, 2015 1636 Category: Kuwait
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