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Need For Kuwaiti communication Platforms, Search Engines Chairperson of Global Electronic Media Club in Kuwait Hind Al-Nahedh stressed the need for Arab and Kuwaiti communication platforms and search engines due to the inevitable conflict between government... January 24, 2021 237 Category: Kuwait
Platform Window … 3 Minutes The Ministry of Information has started receiving candidates for the 2020 parliamentary elections that will be held on Dec 5. The ministry has given each candidate three minutes to present their elect... November 15, 2020 369 Category: Automotive
Mudhawi’s List: Kuwait Creates Platform To Support Women In Politics As the 2020 Kuwait National Assembly elections are approaching, candidates are beginning to campaign for a seat in parliament. In an effort to support women running for office, Mudhawi’s list, a... September 20, 2020 515 Category: Information
"National Petroleum" Launches A New Digital Platform With Advanced Capabilities The National Petroleum Corporation launched a new digital platform, providing its employees with the ability to hold various meetings, meetings and lectures, via the web and the company's network ... September 12, 2020 458 Category: Information
A Platform For Registering Foreign Government Employees Stranded Abroad A team headed by Maryam Al-Aqeel to set the mechanism for their return … and doctors are a priority Informed sources revealed that a government team was formed headed by the Minister of Soci... September 04, 2020 1156 Category: Kuwait
Social Media Accounts Raise Concern – Foreign Influencers May Target Platform The National Assembly approved the Credit Information Exchange Bill in its second reading Tuesday with 45 members voting in favor while six voted against. Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled A... January 09, 2019 406 Category: Kuwait
Zain’s Internal E-platform, Zainiac, Selects Three Initiatives Zain Group, the leading mobile telecom innovator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, is pleased to announce it is offering full financial and strategic support to three startup initiat... September 16, 2018 682 Category: Business
Bad Weather Was The Reason Behind The Sinking Of The Ship According to the Marine Operations Department at Shuaiba Port, bad weather was the reason behind the sinking of the ship “C Carrier” and the boat “Rabe’e 10”, reports Al-... April 27, 2018 6337 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Attorney Abrar Al- Saleh Filed A Lawsuit Against A Female Blogger On Instagram Attorney Abrar Al- Saleh filed a lawsuit against a female blogger on Instagram, accusing her of posting indecent and shameful contents on a public platform which is against the law and customs of the ... November 16, 2017 647 Category: Crime News
Opening Of Horeca Kuwait 2017 Exhibition Kuwait is eager to develop its tourism industry as a platform to showcase youth skill, Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Sabah Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah sai... January 17, 2017 1955 Category: General
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