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Blackmail And Harassment – Inspectors Go To Probe The Criminal Court has acquitted a citizen of the charges of forcing his exwife to sign on documents and bank cheques as a kind of revenge. The Kuwaiti was represented by Jarrah Al-Enezi who argued be... December 09, 2018 410 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced Female Reporter And Another Person To 2 Yrs Jail With Hard Labor The Criminal Court sentenced a female reporter and another person to two years jail with hard labor for threatening a citizen through WhatsApp. According to the case file and the plaintiff’s law... April 10, 2018 423 Category: Crime News
Court Canceled Property Sale And Ordered The Company To Refund KD 111,000 To Buyer The Civil Circuit of the Court of First Instance has canceled a real-estate property sale, ordering the company that sold the property to refund KD 111,000 to the buyer and pay KD 5,001 as temporary c... April 09, 2018 473 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Kuwaiti To 7 Years In Prison With Hard Labor For Trying To Kill His Grandmother The Court of Appeals chaired by Judge Abdul- Rahman Al-Darmi has sentenced a Kuwaiti in his 20s to seven years in prison with hard labor for trying to kill his grandmother. The court thereby awarded t... February 09, 2018 836 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered The Detention Of A Motorist Who Hit A Kuwaiti Man Criminal Section at the Court of First Instance ordered the detention of a motorist who hit and severely injured a Kuwaiti man while he was trying to cross a road. The court suspended execution of ano... January 30, 2018 738 Category: Crime News
Civil Court Ordered A Kuwaiti Woman To Refund KD 10,500 Civil Section at the Court of First Instance chaired by Judge Khalid Al-Rushdan ordered a Kuwaiti woman to refund KD 10,500 in favor of her compatriot ex-husband for making use of a sold property ille... January 28, 2018 674 Category: Crime News
Court Has Nullified The Annual Evaluation Of An Employee After Ascertaining Error The Court of Appeals has nullified the annual evaluation of an employee after ascertaining error on the part of the administration in that regard. Lawyer Nouha Al-Raees representing the plaintiff file... January 18, 2018 632 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Has Filed A Divorce Lawsuit Against His Wife Accusing Her Of Causing Psychological Harm A Kuwaiti has filed a divorce lawsuit against his wife accusing her of causing him psychological harm, reports Al-Shahed daily. In the law suit the plaintiff has requested for exemption from paying al... December 19, 2017 916 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted The Real-estate Employee Of Swindling A Client The Misdemeanor Circuit of the Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by a lower court which acquitted the employee of a real-estate agency who was accused of swindling a client by selling oversea... December 19, 2017 639 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered Two Kuwaiti Employees Of MOI To Pay Compensation The Court of Appeals ordered two Kuwaiti employees of Ministry of Interior to pay compensation worth KD 5,000 to another citizen for the injuries he sustained when the two defendants tied his legs and... December 19, 2017 524 Category: Crime News
Court Has Ordered MOI To Pay Compensation To Kuwaiti Citizen For Issuing Passport The Court of First Instance has ordered Ministry of Interior to pay compensation of KD 2,000 to a Kuwaiti citizen for issuing a passport that does not exist in the system of the ministry. According to... December 13, 2017 735 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted 2 Defendants Of Dishonesty And Misappropriating Money The Misdemeanor Section in the First Instance Court, headed by Judge Ra’ed Al-Deuoli, acquitted two defendants of dishonesty and misappropriating money. The Public Prosecution accused the defend... November 20, 2017 603 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Netizen Of Insulting And Defaming Veteran Comedian Tareq Al-Ali Through Social Media The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a netizen of insulting and defaming veteran comedian Tareq Al-Ali through social media platforms – Twitter and Instagram. The Public Prosecution had earlier charg... November 08, 2017 697 Category: Crime News
Moroccan Authorities Arrested Four Individuals For Blackmailing A Kuwaiti Citizen Moroccan authorities have concluded investigation on the issue of four individuals, including a girl, arrested for blackmailing a Kuwaiti citizen, reports Al-Anba daily. Lawyer Al-Kandari left the cou... September 21, 2017 463 Category: Crime News
Court Instructed MOI To Issue Citizenship Certificate To A Kuwaiti Woman The Administrative Section in the Court of Appeals instructed the Ministry of Interior to issue citizenship certificate to a Kuwaiti woman and cancelled the ministry’s decision on the non-issuan... September 05, 2017 418 Category: Crime News
Court Upheld The Verdict That Acquitted 2 Kuwaitis Of Attacking And Defaming A Person The Misdemeanor Court of Appeals upheld the verdict of the First Instance Court that acquitted two Kuwaitis of attacking and defaming a person on a WhatsApp group. The Public Prosecution Department ch... August 20, 2017 631 Category: Crime News
Court Of Appeals Issued Verdict To Cancel A Decision Issued To Reject Promotion The Administrative Circuit of the Court of Appeals issued a verdict to cancel a decision issued to reject promotion of the plaintiff to the “professor” grade at the Higher Institute for Dr... July 21, 2017 548 Category: Crime News
Court Ordered A Telecommunications Company To Pay KD 15,00 In Compensation A Kuwaiti court has ordered a telecommunications company to pay KD 15,00 in compensation to a Kuwaiti man who subscribed to its telephone line. The case file indicated the company issued payment order... July 11, 2017 506 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Citizen Jails To One Yr Imprisonment With Hard Labor For Cheating The Court of First Instance presided over by Judge Nayef Al-Adwani sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to oneyear imprisonment with hard labor and bail bond worth KD 300 after he was convicted of duping a com... June 25, 2017 835 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Two Expats And Several Others Of Stealing 14 Sheep The Criminal Court acquitted two expatriates and several others of stealing 14 sheep from a farm belonging to a citizen in Wafra area. The Public Prosecution accused the two expatriates and others of ... June 05, 2017 518 Category: Crime News
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