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Pharmacist Arrested For Selling Prohibited Pills Criminal Security Department arrested a pharmacist after getting information that he is selling prohibited medicines to people without a prescription. Around 300,000 pills were found in his possess... September 14, 2021 582 Category: Crime News
Pharmacists Allowed To Open Shop In Co-ops The Secretary- General of the Kuwaiti Pharmaceutical Association (KPA), pharmacist Ali Hadi, praised the verdict of the just Kuwaiti judiciary in favor of the pharmacists and their right to open pharm... January 13, 2021 360 Category: Business
Arab Pharmacist Held For Offering Drugs To Women In Return For Fun An Arab pharmacist working in a government hospital has been arrested by personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for dispensing narcotic pills to some women and luring them to come ... January 07, 2021 572 Category: Information
Pharmacist Steals 360 Boxes Of Pills The Ministry of Health has suspended from work a Kuwaiti pharmacist working in the Ahmadi Health Zone and referred him to the Public Prosecution, reports Al-Rai daily. This came after the Ministry ... February 17, 2020 844 Category: Crime News
3 Days Sick Leave For 10 Dinars Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) have arrested three expatriate pharmacists working in a hospital for selling false prescriptions and falsifying sick leaves, reports Al-Qabas... January 08, 2020 304 Category: Crime News
21-year-old Kuwaiti Found To Possess Fake Pharmacist Degree In one of the most serious cases, an unidentified 21- year old Kuwaiti is said to have managed to acquire a forged certificate from an unnamed Arab country which shows that he is a qualified pharmacis... November 11, 2019 582 Category: Crime News
Court Sentenced A Pharmacist To 7yr Imprisonment The Court of Appeals overturned the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which sentenced a pharmacist to seven-year imprisonment. It instead refrained from penalizing the defendant who was... April 25, 2018 575 Category: Crime News
Health Official And Pharmacist Lodged Complaints Accusing Each Other Of Verbal Abuse A health official and a pharmacist lodged complaints with security operatives accusing each other of verbal abuse after a minor disagreement at the Sabahiya Clinic. A case was registered.An unknown pe... July 17, 2017 427 Category: Crime News
Pharmacist Arrested For Practicing Medicine Without Licence For 30 Years Acting on information and armed with a search and arrest warrant from the Public Prosecution, the Farwaniya police raided the apartment of a Pakistani pharmacist working at a public health centre hold... August 22, 2016 1569 Category: Crime News
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