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Baby Dies After Father Went To Search For Petrol To Take Her To Hospital The tragedy that people continue to experience in the midst of the Sri Lankan fuel crisis is unbelievable. Can you imagine the shame a parent would feel for failing to arrange for a litre of petrol... May 24, 2022 534 Category: India
Kuwait's Petrol Is The 6th Cheapest In The World, According To The Latest Report According to a recent survey by research firm Zutobi, Kuwait boasts the world's 6th cheapest fuel, costing only $1.57 per gallon. Petrol prices have shifted substantially throughout the world, acc... May 05, 2022 118 Category: Kuwait
Kuwaiti Citizen Flees From A Petrol Station Without Paying A person came to one of the gas stations located in the Jaber Al Ahmad area filled his four wheel drive car with 11 KD petrol and when the gas station attendant went to bring an automatic cash collect... February 02, 2022 303 Category: Crime News
Ultra Petrol Price Increased To 200 Fils The Committee for examine various types of subsidies affiliated to the Ministry of Finance has decided to amend the price of Ultra (98 octane) gasoline to 200 fils instead of current 180 fils. The ... December 30, 2021 534 Category: Business
Did Ministry Of Defense Send Message To Fill Your Car With Petrol A message from the Ministry of Defence, Kuwait. Expecting heavy rains. Please fill up fuel in your car for next few days. Petrol stations will close tonight and will not open til Friday. FAKE NE... November 15, 2018 478 Category: Kuwait
Increase In Petrol Price Fails To Prevent Traffic Congestion The government decision one year ago to cut the subsidy for fuels, thereby raising their prices, was meant, in part, to ease the traffic congestion but the problem remains virtually the same. There mu... September 01, 2017 957 Category: Kuwait
Govt Shifts Attention To Lifting Petrol Subsidization The government intends to go ahead soon with plans to reduce subsidies on petrol, as a cabinet-affiliated economic committee meets this week to study proposals presented on that regard. The proposa... May 09, 2016 1961 Category: Kuwait
Petrol Prices To Be Probably Hiked By Before The End Of May Petrol prices are most likely to be increased before the end of May as part of a series of steps and measures to be made to avoid reducing Kuwait’s sovereign rating, Citing Al-Rai Arabic news pa... April 11, 2016 1001 Category: Kuwait
Petrol Price Hike The government has carried out a study on the average impact of the increased petrol prices on the monthly bill of the citizens. According to this study, the average cost for per capita fuel usage is ... February 06, 2016 2359 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Ready To Cut Petrol Subsidy Kuwait may by the end of March announce cuts in domestic price subsidies for gasoline and kerosene, the chief executive of state oil firm Kuwait Petroleum Corp said on Tuesday. "The Kuwait gov... January 19, 2016 2043 Category: Kuwait
Subsidy Cut On 17 Commodities High-ranking sources from the Ministry of Finance have said the decision to reduce subsidy on 17 commodities, including fuel, will be implemented in the current fiscal year (2015-2016) to increase non... December 14, 2015 2320 Category: Kuwait
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