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UAE Extends PCR Test Validity For Vaccinated Travellers Arriving Via Land Borders The UAE has eased Covid-19 rules for those entering the country via its land borders. The updated protocols are applicable to both Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizens and expatriates. Starting ... November 23, 2021 295 Category: International
MoH Allocates Six Centers For PCR Test The Ministry of Health has allocated 6 centers in different governorates to conduct the PCR tests. The centers that currently provide the vaccination service will be converted as PCR testing centers. ... September 16, 2021 741 Category: Kuwait
Cooperative Societies Offer Discounted PCR Test Fees Cooperative societies offered discounted PCR test fees for their shareholders starting this month, reports Al-Qabas daily. Cooperatives are offering competitive fees for PCR tests, while the accredite... August 22, 2021 426 Category: Kuwait
Cut PCR Tests For Students MP Saleh Zeib Al-Mutairi has emphasized the need to cancel the decision on the weekly PCR test for students and teachers, including those who have been vaccinated; as part of measures to curb the spre... August 18, 2021 360 Category: Kuwait
Free PCR Test For Students At Government Centers As the education Minister announce the requirement of weekly PCR test for students who refuse to take vaccination, sources informed that PCR test will be available free of cost to all students, both c... August 12, 2021 515 Category: Kuwait
Private School Students Can Take ‘PCR Test’ At Jaber Hospital Kuwait’s Ministry of Education on Wednesday called on private school students who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 to conduct a PCR swab test freeof- charge at Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital T... June 09, 2021 239 Category: Coronavirus
Study On Return Of Expats The people in charge of Kuwait Airport are studying easing restrictions on travel procedures for departing and arriving passengers which will lead to an increase in the airport’s operationa... June 06, 2021 5182 Category: Expats
New Conditions To Refund Fees For Kuwaitis, Domestic Workers The Belsalamah platform now includes new conditions for refunding fees to citizens and domestic workers who signed new contracts with domestic labor recruitment offices, reports Al-Qabas daily. The pl... May 29, 2021 4611 Category: Kuwait
Passengers Perplexed Over 3-day Quarantine – PCR Test Mandatory Confusion and misunderstanding regarding the three-day home quarantine requirement engulfed passengers arriving in the country, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily quoted some arriving passengers as sayin... May 26, 2021 1573 Category: Coronavirus
Charges For PCR Test Reduced To 20KD The Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Fatima Al-Najjar, issued a circular stating that the charges of PCR test in the laboratories accredited by the Ministry should not exceed 20... May 17, 2021 341 Category: Coronavirus
State Employees On Official Missions May ‘escape’ Institutional Quarantine The concerned authorities are contemplating on exempting State employees, who go on official missions or foreign courses, from institutional quarantine upon their return to the country, reports Al-Qab... March 27, 2021 598 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Requires Passengers From 15 Countries To Submit PCR Test Result Before Arrival Kuwait’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (GDCA) has issued a circular requiring travellers from 15 countries to submit a PCR test result before their arrival to the country that is approv... March 17, 2021 3083 Category: Coronavirus
PCR Test From 15 Countries Linked To MUNA Directorate General of Civil Aviation issued a circular stating that 15 countries have been linked with the MUNA system. The system specializes in auditing laboratories outside Kuwait and ensuring the... March 16, 2021 3849 Category: Coronavirus
Bid To Avert Fraud In Covid Tests Deputy Director General for Kuwait International Airport Affairs Engr Saleh Al-Fadaghi said the date for launching the link for external testing laboratories on Kuwait Mosafer platform will be announc... March 13, 2021 409 Category: Coronavirus
Ticket Prices Expected To Rise As Companies Incur PCR Test Costs While the airlines are preparing to implement the Cabinet’s decision on conducting PCR tests for all incoming passengers to the country, during arrival and during quarantine, an informed source ... February 16, 2021 664 Category: Kuwait
DGCA And MOH Coordinate Regarding PCR Tests For Passengers The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has been coordinating with the Ministry of Health to implement in an orderly manner the Cabinet’s decision to charge airlines the cost of PCR tes... January 25, 2021 312 Category: Coronavirus
Unify PCR Test Price The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has instructed the airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport to unify the price for PCR tests that will be imposed on all arrivals to the coun... January 23, 2021 725 Category: Coronavirus
KD50 Dinars Addition To Travel Tickets For PCR Tests Airlines operating at Kuwait Airport are instructed to standardize the price of PCR tests that will be compulsory for all arrivals to the country as part of health measures against the coronavirus, th... January 21, 2021 509 Category: Kuwait
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