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Lack Of Enough Security Patrols Leads To Drastic Increase In Theft Of Vehicles Vehicle theft has increased in recent times to become a new daily phenomenon in the Kuwaiti society, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to a security source, the main reasons for the high rate of theft... October 22, 2020 380 Category: Crime News
MoI To Hike Patrols, Erect Checkpoints To Prevent Thefts, Petty Crimes The Under-secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Essam Al-Nham said the concerned authorities will follow instructions issued by the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lt Gen Sheikh Khalid Al... December 20, 2018 495 Category: Crime News
Police Crack Down On Parking Lot The public security officers responded positively to the appeals of the residents of Qadsiya to maintain law and order and public morals which happened inside cars in the parking lots of the cooperati... November 16, 2017 1057 Category: Crime News
Security Source Disclosed Internet Patrols Are Closely Monitoring Social Networking And Microblogging Sites Another security source disclosed that Internet patrols are closely monitoring social networking and microblogging sites to deal with those trying to weaken national and Gulf unity as well as disdain ... June 15, 2017 501 Category: Kuwait
Highway Police Patrols Have Arrested 2 People For Stealing Power Cables The Highway Police patrols have arrested two people, a Kuwaiti, in his 50s and a 30-year-old Iranian for stealing power cables from a power transformer from a school located in the Khairan housing are... May 05, 2017 1170 Category: Crime News
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