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Onions & Garlic To Last For 100 Days The strategic stock for foodstuff revealed in its report there is abundance of foodstuff such as Rice for 5,800 days(15 yrs and 8 months) plus other commodities like sugar, lentils, potatoes, pow... March 17, 2021 1231 Category: Food
120,000 Kilos Of Onions Imported From Yemen An official at the Ministry of Trade and Industries revealed that 120,000 kilos of onions were imported from Yemen and will continue to be supplied on a daily basis. The source stated the red Yemeni o... April 03, 2020 2813 Category: Food
Hike In Price Of Indian Onions – Presence Of Pesticides In Egyptian Onions The vegetable season has seen a significant increase in the prices of Indian onions, against the backdrop of Saudi Arabia’s decision to stop importing Egyptian onions citing the presence of pest... January 21, 2019 930 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait To Import Onions From India To Cover Local Shortage Ministry of Commerce and Industry in coordination with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and Kuwait Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies are planning to import a specified quantity of onion ... November 27, 2017 1974 Category: Kuwait
Inadequate Supply Of Onions In Market Is Causing The Recent Hike In Prices Inadequate supply of onions in the market is causing the recent hike in prices of the commodity, reports Al-Anba daily quoting a source from Fruits and Vegetable market. He noted the issue is partly t... November 16, 2017 1620 Category: Kuwait
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