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A Ministry Will Free Errant "officers" According to a press release released by the Ministry of Interior, policemen serving disciplinary actions will be released on National Day and Liberation Day. In the daily quote, Al-Rai said that t... February 23, 2022 226 Category: Crime News
‘We Back Our Officers Using Guns If Needed’ Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs in the Ministry of Interior Major General Farraj Al-Zuabi affirmed that the ministry has stood by, and is fully prepared to stand by, any police of... November 22, 2021 313 Category: Crime News
Two Officers Acquitted The Court of Cassation, headed by Counselor Abdullah Al-Jassem, has acquitted two officers of all the charges in the so-called Malaysian Fund case, reports Al- Rai daily. The officers Col Sheikh Faisa... October 26, 2021 195 Category: Crime News
‘PAM Suspends Some Officers For 6 Months’ The Recruitment Organizing and Domestic Workers Department at the Public Authority for Manpower has suspended some officers for six months, reports Al-Jaridah daily. According to sources the PAM in... May 17, 2021 608 Category: Crime News
Two Officers Put Behind Bars For Leaking Secrets The Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Dr. Hamad Al- Mulla, put behind bars to two police officers for leaking secrets in the form of video clips when they were working for the State Security Service... October 21, 2020 700 Category: Crime News
Two Officers Arrested On Treason Charges  Kuwait’s security services on Sunday arrested two security officers working in sensitive positions on charges of treason, Al Qabas daily newspaper said. The officers are accused of leaking... September 07, 2020 451 Category: Crime News
500 Complaints Against Officers While the Ministry of Interior stresses on the need to protect the prestige of law and order agencies, the Al-Qabas sources revealed that the Control and Inspection Department of the Ministry has reco... August 19, 2019 3713 Category: Kuwait
Fight Broke Out Between A Policeman And Two Officers At Terminal 4 Of The KIA A fight broke out between a policeman and two officers at Terminal 4 of the Kuwait International Airport, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the security sources this happened when the policeman en... July 14, 2019 1296 Category: Crime News
Retired Officers And Civilians Demand Their Dues A number of retired Kuwaitis – officers and civilians – in the Interior Ministry have appealed to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah to help expedit... May 15, 2019 275 Category: Kuwait
Policemen In Summer Uniform All police officers will start wearing summer uniform starting from April 1. In a press release, the General Department for Public Relations and Security Media of Ministry of Interior affirmed that... April 02, 2019 522 Category: Kuwait
Unsustainable Training Cause Of Cadet Officers Death The condition of one of the three cadet officers, whose condition was described as ‘serious’ and was in intensive care unit of a hospital is said to have improved, reports Al-Rai daily. Ac... September 02, 2018 388 Category: Crime News
Assault On Customs Officers, Kuwaiti Couple Granted Bail The Kuwaiti couple who were arrested by the Airport Police for assaulting five customs officials over a pet dog has been granted bail, The couple was released on two surety bails of Rs. 100,000 each a... July 29, 2018 986 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Sentenced To Death For Killing Father A Kuwaiti national was sentenced to death for killing his own father in a heated argument last November, according to Al Anba. The man stabbed his 45-year-old father with a knife at their home in t... April 25, 2018 2166 Category: Crime News
EPA Issues Citations For Colorful Building Environment Public Authority (EPA) will issue citations against those who paint the exterior of their houses using colors that can harm the eyes, Director General Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad said.  ... April 24, 2018 627 Category: Crime News
Drug Pills Seized From A Three-man Gang General Department of Public Relations and Media Security at the Ministry of Interior announced that officers from the Drug Control Department nailed a three-man gang in possession of a large quantity... April 24, 2018 521 Category: Crime News
Bangladeshi Expat Was Arrested In Possession Of 20 Sachets Of Drugs A 1983-born Bangladeshi expatriate was arrested in Farwaniya Governorate in possession of 20 sachets of different types of drugs. According to security sources, Private Taskforce officers were patroll... April 23, 2018 543 Category: Crime News
Sri Lankan Driver Accused Of Attempting To Molest The Housemaid A Kuwaiti woman and her Ethiopian housemaid filed a case at Qurain Police Station against a Sri Lankan expatriate who works as a driver in a nearby house, accusing him of attempting to molest the hous... April 23, 2018 581 Category: Crime News
Homosexual And A Masseur Were Arrested Two Arab men — a homosexual and a masseur — were arrested for promoting their illicit services on the Internet, reports Al-Rai daily. Officers from the Criminal Investigations Departmen... April 15, 2018 1920 Category: Crime News
Five Individuals Were Arrested In Oyoun Area For Driving Recklessly Five individuals were arrested in Oyoun area for driving recklessly, and their vehicles were seized. According to security sources, officers from Public Security Sector, based on instructions from Ass... April 15, 2018 405 Category: Driving License
Officers Arrested 29 Individuals Involved In Criminal And Financial Cases Officers arrested 29 individuals involved in criminal and financial cases from other governorates including a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of betrayal of trust, another for nonpayment of KD 80,000 ... April 02, 2018 397 Category: Crime News
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