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Raided salon, three fake maid offices - 11 expats arrested Three fake maids' offices were raided by the Ministry of Interior, together with a salon owned by residence violators who operated during the working hours. In total, 11 arrests were made of resid... February 17, 2022 287 Category: Crime News
Fraudulent Nurses Recruiting Office Raided By MOI A general investigation by the Ministry of Interior's Administration of Residence Affairs seized an alleged nursing office and arrested three Asians working as home health aides. A total of 15 peo... February 16, 2022 627 Category: Crime News
Philippine Overseas Labor Office To Resume DOLE AKAP Financial Distribution To OFWs The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in Kuwait will continue to distribute financial assistance to Overseas Filipino Workers under the program of the Philippines’ Department of Labor and ... December 03, 2020 529 Category: Filipinos
MOF Demands Govt Offices To Submit Reports On State Property Infringement Cases  Ministry of Finance has addressed ministries, government departments and agencies with attached and independent budgets, requesting for statements showing cases of infringement of state’s ... November 13, 2020 571 Category: Information
IDF Announces Office Bearers 2020-2022 Indian Doctors Forum (IDF) announced their new office bearers for the year 2020-22 in a ceremony held at the Indian Embassy Auditorium last week. The Indian Doctors Forum (IDF) Kuwait was establish... September 19, 2020 443 Category: Information
Female Employee At Passport Office Probed For Theft Of State Funds The Public Funds Prosecution has sent a letter to the director general of General Department for Residency Affairs, requesting for the original documents of 211 transactions conducted by a female Kuwa... July 23, 2019 267 Category: Crime News
Huge Crowd At PACI Office – Expats Paying For Mistakes Of Employees In contrast to the desired objective of the decision to cancel the residence sticker on the passport which was implemented March 10, 2019, it appears the decision has failed to eliminate bureaucracy a... May 16, 2019 2368 Category: Kuwait
Lack Of Parking Space At MoE Head Office A large number of cars are parked around the Ministry of Education headquarters which lack parking areas, giving employees and visitors no option but to use platforms and every available space to park... May 16, 2019 379 Category: Kuwait
Egyptian Man Has Been Arrested For Beating His Secretary Wife Inside Her Office An Egyptian man has been arrested and referred to the security authorities for beating his secretary wife inside her office, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, this happened when the man went to t... May 03, 2019 432 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Re-elected Deputy Chief Of Arab Justice Ministers’ Office Kuwaiti Minister of Justice and Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Fahad Al-Afasi on Sunday was re-elected deputy chairman of the Executive Bureau of the Council of Arab Justice Ministers... April 29, 2019 275 Category: International
Courage And Vision Worthy Of His Office He was the man who sought a “kinder, and gentler nation,” and the one who sternly invited Americans to read his lips — he would not raise taxes. He was the popular leader of a mighty... December 02, 2018 922 Category: Article
Kuwait’s Meteorological Office Warns Of Thundering And Showers In The Coming Hours Kuwait’s meteorological office on Monday warned of an increasing potential for spotty and thundery showers in the coming hours. The rainy conditions are likely to persist until Tuesday with a ch... November 20, 2018 868 Category: Weather in Kuwait
Ambassador Jassim Opens Kuwait Airways Office In New Delhi Kuwaiti Ambassador Jassim Alnaajem inaugurated on Thursday innovated office of the Kuwait Airways in New Delhi as part of the company’s effort to revamp and present itself in a new attire. Th... November 16, 2018 484 Category: Business
Gaza - Iranian-Israeli Post Office TEHRAN’S idea of escaping forward through Palestinian blood being spilled in Gaza is no less hideous than the escape of the Israeli government from internal problems. The most pressing among the... November 14, 2018 1154 Category: Article
MoI Working Hard To Serve All Visitors At Passport Office Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passport Affairs Major General Sheikh Faisal Al-Nawaf praised the efforts exerted by the employees of the department, stressing that everyone works to serv... August 07, 2018 473 Category: Kuwait
Health Minister Dr. Basel Examined Health Office In Cairo MP Dr Khalil Abdullah Abul has asked the Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Basil Al-Sabah about the cause of crisis that forced hundreds of Egyptians issued Kuwaiti entry visas to gather at the premises of... May 29, 2018 615 Category: Kuwait
Case Of The Biggest Currency Fraud The Criminal Court has set June 6, 2018, to look into the case of the biggest currency fraud (US dollars and Kuwaiti dinars), reports Al-Rai daily. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has charged ... May 04, 2018 472 Category: Crime News
MOI Raided Illegal Domestic Workers Recruitment Office Run By Egyptian And Nepali Personnel from the Home Employment Department affiliated to the Residence Affairs Department of the Ministry of Interior recently raided an illegal domestic workers recruitment office run by an Egypti... April 25, 2018 1123 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Federation Of Home Office Employers Affirmed The Domestic Workers The Kuwaiti Federation of Home Office Employers affirmed the domestic workers crisis continues but there are no new demands for recruitment before Ramadan, reports Al- Rai daily. It added the ball ... April 15, 2018 731 Category: Kuwait
Person Claimed That His Driver Offered Bribe For The Release Of His Vehicle Seized By Traffic Officers A video clip went viral on social media in which a person claimed that his driver offered bribe to an office boy in a seized-vehicle garage for the release of his vehicle which was seized by traffic o... February 09, 2018 1058 Category: Crime News
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