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Kuwait Stocks Kick Off Week With A Downtick Kuwait stocks sagged Sunday after eking modest gains in the previous week. The All Shares Index dropped 10.87 points in sluggish trading to close at 5,138.55 points weighed by some of the mid-caps eve... September 10, 2018 438 Category: Business
Brands Take Day Off From Beauty Blogger – Ties Cut Max Factor Arabia and other leading beauty brands have severed ties with a popular Kuwaiti blogger after she said domestic workers should not be given a day off, highlighting resistance to reforms to ... July 26, 2018 2341 Category: Kuwait
Filipino Citizen Has Not Been Given Off Day Nor Public Holiday For Past One Year I am a Filipino citizen, I have been working in Kuwait for 5 years now. I want to share my problem and I hope you can give me advice. I worked four years in one company as a salesman and after that... July 14, 2018 746 Category: Holidays in Kuwait
A Total Of 200 Youngsters Sailed Off On Board Of 13 Ships The traditional “Dasha” ceremonies of the 29th Pearl Diving Trip, meaning the start of journey and farewell of families, took place Thursday in Kuwait Marine Sports Club under the auspices... July 28, 2017 485 Category: Kuwait
Turkish Airways Have Also Been Exempted From A US Ban On Laptops In Airplane Cabins Emirates and Turkish Airways said on Wednesday they have also been exempted from a US ban on laptops in airplane cabins, joining Etihad in satisfying American security concerns that had cut into the l... July 06, 2017 685 Category: International
3 Days Off On Weekend Due To Heat National Assembly of Kuwait suggested to study to have three days off on weekend (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) in July and August due to heat. Please note that this is just a suggestion. ... July 22, 2016 2467 Category: Information
Kuwait Oil Workers Called Off Strike And Decided To Work The Kuwait Oil Workers Union on Wednesday called off a "total strike" and decided to return to work, hours after a fresh appeal by the acting oil minister. "In respect for the emir a... April 20, 2016 1750 Category: Kuwait
3 Days Off For Kuwait National Day, Sunday Is Working Day - CSC The Civil Services Commission (CSC) submitted a directive to the Cabinet pertaining the upcoming national and liberation days holidays. According to the directive, only three days off as the two days ... February 10, 2016 1818 Category: Kuwait
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