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CSC Does Not Force Graduates To Work In Jobs Not Connected To Their Activity Civil Service Commission (CSC) does not force graduates with certain specializations to work in jobs that are not related to their specializations, reports Al-Anba daily quoting informed sources. T... February 20, 2020 295 Category: Kuwait
Not Many Fingers Will Likely Remain I heard on BBC Radio a story which occurred during the Indian elections. These elections are being held in various stages and the results are expected to be announced by the end of May. The story w... May 09, 2019 345 Category: Opinion
Employee Arrested For Threatens To Kill Boss An employee at the Car Technical Testing Department in Nuwaiseeb Center was arrested for threatening to kill his direct supervisor with a knife, reports Al-Anba daily. According to the source, the inc... December 05, 2018 518 Category: Crime News
It Is Not Our Job - Coast Guard A Kuwaiti has expressed his displeasure against officers of the concerned department in the Ministry of Interior for allegedly ignoring his distress call and failing to assist him when his yacht devel... September 16, 2018 724 Category: Kuwait
Britain Is Not Haven For Criminals - British Ambassador To Kuwait British Ambassador to Kuwait Michael Davenport said the concerned authorities in Kuwait have not contacted the embassy regarding the fake university diplomas issue, stressing “this subject is fa... August 20, 2018 340 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait cleric criticism of Salah sparks backlash – a punishment from God for not fasting The statement made by a Kuwaiti cleric Mubarak Al- Badhali to an Arabic newspaper and on Twitter claiming that the shoulder injury sustained by the Egyptian-born Liverpool football star Mohammad Salah... May 31, 2018 1705 Category: Kuwait
Sushma Swaraj Said That She Will Not Declare The Death Reason Of 39 Indians In Iraq Without Getting Proof External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Thursday said she would not declare the 39 Indians missing in Iraq as dead till she has concrete evidence to that effect. "I repeat, I will not decla... July 28, 2017 799 Category: International
Most Of The Companies In GCC States Are Not Completely Prepared For Implementing VAT Most of the companies in GCC member states are not completely prepared for implementing Value- Added Tax (VAT) system. According to a new survey conducted by the Association of Chartered Certified ... July 18, 2017 414 Category: Kuwait
Article 70 States That Weekends, Public Holidays And Sick Leaves Should Not Be Considered As Part Of The Annual Leave A decree was issued concerning the approval of the Council of Ministers to amend some provisions in Law No. 6/2010 concerning the private sector labor. This includes changing the last paragraphs in... July 10, 2017 600 Category: Holidays in Kuwait
Salary Not Paid For 3 Months Should I Give 3 Months Notice Of Resignation I am working for construction company for the past 20 years. Unfortunately I have not been paid the last three months salary and I have got a new job. They want me to join immediately. When I submi... July 08, 2017 1135 Category: Legal
Spread Of Jellyfish Does Not Pose Any Risk To The Health Of Beachgoers Official spokesperson of Ministry of Health Dr Ahmad Al-Shatti affirmed that the spread of jellyfish does not pose any risk to the health of beachgoers as long as they follow the necessary steps for p... July 04, 2017 784 Category: Kuwait
Indemnity Not Paid Even After 10 Mnts After Resigning - What To Do I worked in a company from June 2005 to July 2016, but even after 10 months after my resignation, I have not received the settlement for the 11 years of my service with the company and my 1-1/2 months... June 24, 2017 1162 Category: Indemnity
Couple Not Married - Dependent Visa For Child Greetings to you. I want to ask you regarding my daughter. I want to transfer her visit visa to dependent visa but me and my wife are not yet married. Please help me to have an idea what I can do. . ... June 16, 2017 871 Category: Dependent Visa
Company Not Accepting Resignation Passport With Company I am working as an engineer for a company for the past seven years in Kuwait. My visa is company visa only. Now I got an opening with very good salary in another company. My company is not accepting m... June 06, 2017 700 Category: Legal
Indemnity Not Received I am a one regular reader of Legal Clinic in Arab Times. It is an excellent job you are doing. Thank you for that. I have two important queries. 1. I am a qualified B.Tech Civil Engineer. From Augu... June 04, 2017 567 Category: Indemnity
WORSHIP WITH LOVE NOT TERROR Video Has Gone Viral During The Month Of Ramadan A video advertisement that depicts a would-be suicide bomber confronted by the faithful has gone viral two days into the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. “Worship your God with love, not terror&... May 29, 2017 592 Category: Kuwait
Supreme Education Council Not Presenting Any Plan For Improving Education Even though Kuwait has aspirations to advance the level of educational system and improve its output, the Supreme Education Council continues with its deafening silence policy for four years now, not ... May 25, 2017 816 Category: Kuwait
MOSA Resolves Problem Of Indian Workers Not Paid By Firm Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh disclosed the plan of Kuwaiti government to establish a national leadership school, in collaboration with Fr... March 28, 2017 1026 Category: Kuwait
Sri Lankan Domestic Helper Has Filed A Complaint Accusing Her Employer Of Not Paying Her Salary For 11 Years In a strange incident, a Sri Lankan domestic helper, accompanied by a senior official from her embassy has filed a complaint with the Home Employment Department accusing her employer of not paying her... February 07, 2017 660 Category: Crime News
Temporarily Banning Workers In Kuwait Is Not The Answer - Bishop Santos Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga, a Catholic bishop, has urged the Philippine Labor Department to reconsider its plan to stop sending Filipino domestic helpers to Kuwait due to reports of abuses by em... February 03, 2017 1653 Category: Kuwait
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