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3 Nepalis Bootleggers Arrested Three Nepali bootleggers were arrested with 90 bottles of locally distilled and imported bottles of alcohol. Hawally security on its routine petrol in Salmiya area came across a vehicle parked on the ... November 01, 2021 384 Category: Crime News
9 Apartments Converted Into A Liquor Factory By Four Nepalis The Ministry of Interior in Hawally busted nine apartments which were converted into a liquor factory by 4 Nepali citizens. Information was received that Asians had converted 9 apartments in a buildin... September 05, 2021 1761 Category: Crime News
7 Nepalis Arrested For Supplying Runaway Maids To Licensed Maids Offices The security department raided fake maids’ offices who were specialized in inciting maids to flee from their sponsors in exchange for giving them double the salary then what they are receiv... February 08, 2021 766 Category: Crime News
Murder Cited In Remains Found Of Nepali Man Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department (CED) say the skeletal (bones and skull) remains that were in the desert of Abdali about two kilometers from the mainland belong to a Nepali, and the p... January 26, 2021 458 Category: Crime News
Group Of Nepalis Arrested With 140 Liquor Barrels The Abdali authorities raided a local liquor factory in the Subhiya area and seized 140 liquor barrels. The liquor factory was run by a group of  Nepali workers. This factory came to light when a... January 10, 2021 439 Category: Crime News
6 Nepalis Arrested For Manufacturing Liquor Inside An Apartment Six Nepalese expatriates were arrested in Saad Al-Abdullah area for manufacturing liquor inside an apartment. According to security sources, when Jahra Security Director Major General Ali Madhi receiv... June 12, 2018 558 Category: Crime News
Six Nepalis Arrested For Manufacturing Liquor In Egaila Six Nepali expatriates including three women were arrested for manufacturing liquor in Egaila area. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen led by Ahmadi Security Director Brigadier Abdullah... April 29, 2016 1045 Category: Kuwait
714 Nepalis Deported From Kuwait At least 714 Nepali migrants have been deported from Kuwait in the last three months for non-compliance with the residence and labour laws. Out of them, 461 housemaids were arrested for illegally... March 22, 2016 4235 Category: Kuwait
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