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Afghani Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle 400 Narcotic Pills An Afghani expatriate was arrested at Sa’ad Al-Abdullah Airport for attempting to smuggle 400 narcotic pills into Kuwait. This arrest is the fourth of its kind made within 24 hours. According... November 28, 2018 270 Category: Crime News
3 Individuals Arrested Under Narcotic Influence Three individuals – a Kuwaiti, a Bedoun and an expatriate – were arrested for consuming drugs, reports Al-Anba daily. According to security sources, Kabad patrol officers were on routin... November 18, 2018 227 Category: Crime News
Court Acquits Prisoner Of Peddling Narcotic Substances In Central Jail The Criminal Court acquitted an inmate in the Central Jail of smuggling heroin and methamphetamine with the intention of peddling inside the jail. The Public Prosecution charged the inmate with smu... November 13, 2018 268 Category: Crime News
Shuwaikh Customs Foils Attempt To Smuggle 1,342,955 Narcotic Pills Customs officers at Shuwaikh Port foiled an attempt to smuggle 1,342,955 narcotic pills the largest quantity for this year so far. North Ports Customs Director Saleh Al-Harbi disclosed that an inspect... November 08, 2018 364 Category: Crime News
Iraqi Man To Smuggle 41kilos Of Hashish And 400,000 Narcotic Pills Security officers from the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Criminal Investigations Department in cooperation with the customs officers of the Abdali border post recently foiled the attempt of an Iraqi man to smuggl... October 07, 2018 461 Category: Crime News
Filipina Arrested For Possessing Narcotic Pills Police arrested a Filipina and referred her to the Drg Control General Department for possessing narcotic pills, reports Al- Anba daily. According to a security source, Hawally police patrolling the a... July 26, 2018 795 Category: Crime News
Two Asians Were Arrested For Trading In Drugs Two Asians were arrested in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh for trading in drugs with 28 Tramadol pills, 10 Kabti pills, 10 Lyrica pills and drug paraphernalia in their possession. Meanwhile, Farwaniya securitymen ... March 25, 2018 485 Category: Crime News
1,056 Mobile Phones, Recharge Cards And 301 Grams Of Narcotic Substances Seized Officers from the Jails and Sentences Enforcement General Department at the Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the Drug Control General Department, launched a surprise inspection campaign in the C... February 05, 2018 510 Category: Crime News
Farwaniya Securitymen Arrested An Egyptian For Trading In Drugs Farwaniya securitymen arrested an Egyptian man for trading in drugs. The officers patrolling the area got suspicious when they saw the man carrying a bag because he fled from the scene upon sensing po... January 12, 2018 679 Category: Crime News
Security Operatives Arrested A Citizen At Security Checkpoint In Possession Of Narcotic Pills In a hot chase, security operatives apprehended a citizen at a security checkpoint in Riqqa area in possession of 60 narcotic pills. A security source said the suspect tried to escape when he reached ... January 10, 2018 527 Category: Crime News
Kuwaiti Coast Guard Have Seized 250,000 Narcotic Pills Floating Off The Failaka Island Personnel from the General Department for Drugs Control, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Coast Guard have ‘seized’ 250,000 narcotic pills (Captagon), before they could be sold in the local... January 02, 2018 623 Category: Crime News
Police Have Arrested A Kuwaiti Couple For Consuming Alcohol In A Public Place Police have arrested a Kuwaiti couple for consuming alcohol in a public place, reports Al-Rai daily. A police source said the Kuwaiti and his girlfriend were drinking alcohol inside their vehicle whic... December 31, 2017 809 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted A Kuwaiti Citizen Who Was Accused Of Possessing Brain Stimulants The Court of Appeals upheld the verdict issued by the Court of First Instance which acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen who was accused of possessing brain stimulants — methamphetamine — for use, ... December 25, 2017 678 Category: Crime News
Egyptian Expat Arrested In Possession Of 21 Tremadol Pills An Egyptian expatriate was arrested in Farwaniya area in possession of 21 “Tremadol” pills, says Al-Seyassah. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were patrolling various l... October 03, 2017 796 Category: Crime News
Court Acquitted Truck Driver To Life In Prison In Drug Peddling The Court of Appeals overturned the First Instance Court’s verdict that sentenced a truck driver and alleged narcotic peddler to life in prison, and instead acquitted them of smuggling 140kg of ... August 28, 2017 452 Category: Crime News
2 Asians Were Arrested For Possessing Drugs And Narcotic Pills Two Indians were arrested for possessing drugs and narcotic pills. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were on routine patrol duty in Khaitan area when they suspected the two expatria... August 07, 2017 437 Category: Crime News
Asian Woman Died After She Was Hit By The Vehicle An Asian woman died after she was hit by the vehicle of a Kuwaiti citizen in his 30s while she was crossing Sixth Ring Road opposite Saad Al-Abdullah area. Securitymen and paramedics rushed to the loc... July 17, 2017 469 Category: Crime News
Passenger Held With Narcotic Pills Customs officer at Kuwait international airport foiled the attempt of an Indian passenger to smuggle 3589 of narcotic pills into the country that was hidden inside Luggage.  SOURCE : AYMA... June 17, 2017 579 Category: Crime News
Smuggling With Pigeon Homing Pigeon busted smuggling drugs near the Abdali customs building with 168 of narcotic pills. SOURCE : AYMANMAT     ... May 22, 2017 3208 Category: Crime News
Customs Officers At KIA Arrested An Asian After Finding 32000 Narcotic Pills In His Luggage Customs officers at Kuwait International Airport arrested an Asian after finding 32,000 narcotic pills in his luggage. The officers got suspicious of the Asian when they noticed his agitated demeanor,... May 21, 2017 792 Category: Crime News