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MP Warns About Grilling If MOF Doesn’t Settle Interests On Loans National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim said the conclusive solution to the Bedoun issue is now in its final stage and the bill will be submitted to the Assembly at the beginning of the next legi... September 06, 2019 438 Category: Kuwait
MP Warns On Loss Of Confidence In Education System The Kuwaiti educational system has been under fire over the last months as MPs have been focusing on the issue for a long time, but recent developments including cases of fraudulent credentials set MP... July 31, 2018 318 Category: Kuwait
MP Warns Prime Minister Over Oil The Environment Committee of the National Assembly met Sunday with officials from several government entities to discuss the issue of ‘fish deaths’ and contamination of the Sabah Al- Ahmad... May 07, 2018 414 Category: Kuwait
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