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53 Motorists Detained The statistics issued by the General Traffic Department (GTD) for the past week (from May 22 to 28) shows during a campaign against reckless drivers and violators of the traffic laws, the security aut... May 30, 2021 316 Category: Crime News
Motorists, Farm-owners Urge MPW, PART To Repair The Road Of Death   The daily had earlier reported that the road close to the Wafra Water Pumping Station, has turned into a “Road of Death”, becoming a model of government negligence, lackluster an... December 18, 2020 326 Category: Information
Unknown Motorists Assault Victim Of Road Accident Police are looking for two unidentified people for severely beating a Kuwaiti and leaving him injured next to his car on an unidentified road in Jahra, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the vi... September 27, 2020 408 Category: Crime News
Reckless Motorists Arrested During a massive traffic campaign organized by the security sector of the General Traffic Department, the security authorities have arrested a number of reckless motorists in the Al-Subbiya and Salwa ... September 26, 2020 377 Category: Crime News
34212 Citations Issued And 96 Motorists Held In Traffic Crackdown Traffic campaigns launched by the General Traffic Department last week resulted in issuing 34,212 citations and detention of 96 motorists including 5 juveniles, reports Al-Rai daily. The campaigns ... February 11, 2020 159 Category: Crime News
MOI Has Called Upon The Motorists To Be Cautious Due To The Unstable Weather Conditions The Public Relations and Media Information Department of the Ministry of Interior has called upon the motorists to be cautious on the Artal road due to bad weather condition and sand gathered on the r... August 11, 2019 447 Category: Kuwait
Car Gone In 60 Secs – Motorists Cautioned In what is seen as almost one incident happening every week police are looking for an unidentified person for stealing the vehicle of a Syrian man, reports Al-Anba daily. In his complaint to the Fa... August 05, 2019 215 Category: Crime News
Some Motorists Are Reckless And Do Not Fear For Their Lives Although The Work Area Is Clearly Separated By Plastic Cones The Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Roads and Land Transport continue to work on the reasphalting of roads, according to the plan that was launched on April 2 to deal with the fl... April 26, 2019 273 Category: Kuwait
Asian Expat Attempts New Way To Extort Money From Motorists Social media users have circulated a video footage showing an Asian expatriate throwing himself in front of luxurious cars in an industrial area in an attempt to extort money from motorists, reports A... March 22, 2019 591 Category: Crime News
Police Can Impound Cars, Pull Driving Licenses Of Violating Motorists The Ministry of Interior will continue to pursue the violators by activating the traffic laws which give the officers the right to impound vehicles and temporarily withdraw driving licenses in additio... January 27, 2019 590 Category: Kuwait
MOI To Focus On The Psychological Factor To Instill Fear In The Motorists The Ministry of Interior has begun a new approach and is believed to be focusing on the psychological factor to instill fear in the motorists and prevent them from committing violations by installing ... May 23, 2018 541 Category: Kuwait
4 Reckless Motorists Arrested Police have arrested four persons and are looking for others for preventing police arrest a reckless motorist, reports Al-Rai daily. This happened when several people complained to the Operations R... April 29, 2018 370 Category: Crime News
MOI Reminded Motorists To Abide By Regulations For Using Emergency Lanes The Ministry of Interior on Wednesday reminded motorists to abide by regulations for using emergency lanes flanking the highways. Motorists have been breaking traffic rules by over speeding on the sho... April 26, 2018 415 Category: Crime News
Two Branch Roads Opened The General Traffic Department has inaugurated two branches of Jamal Abdul Nasser Road towards the roundabout of Second Ring Road, removing the temporary roundabout and opening a roundabout opposite t... March 25, 2018 1206 Category: Kuwait
444 Accidents Were Recorded On Feb 23 And 24 This Year The Public Relations and Moral Guidance Department of the Ministry of Interior said a total of 444 accidents were recorded on Feb 23 and 24 this year, reports Al- Anba daily. The statement added, Frid... February 27, 2018 500 Category: Crime News
Heavy Rain Hit Kuwait, Ministry Warn Drivers Heavy rain hit Kuwait Saturday as the country was affected by south easterly winds with speed that reached as high as 42 km/h. Nearly 7mm of rain were recorded around the country, while a chance of sc... February 25, 2018 829 Category: Kuwait
80000 Women Violated The Red Signal The statistics issued by the General Traffic Department for 2017, show more than 300,000 people violated the red signal and that 80,000 of them were female motorists, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting in... February 15, 2018 428 Category: Crime News
50 Citations Issued During Campaign The Capital Traffic Department carried out a campaign to track down those violating traffic laws, resulting in the issuance of citations to 50 motorists who stopped in no-stopping areas. According to ... January 30, 2018 608 Category: Crime News
Subhan Bridge Closed, Detour Opened On 5th Ring Road The traffic department, in cooperation with the ministry of public works, will close Subhan bridge that leads to the Seventh Ring Road and intersects with King Faisal Road for two days – from to... January 26, 2018 1421 Category: Kuwait
GTD Has Completed A Study For Toughening Penalties On Grave Traffic Violations The General Traffic Department has completed a study for toughening penalties on grave traffic violations, reports Al- Shahed daily. The study shall be submitted to Undersecretary of the Ministry o... January 14, 2018 755 Category: Kuwait
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