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Bid To Assist & Rehabilitate Minors Suffering From Learning Difficulties The Public Authority for Minors Affairs (PAMA) signed Wednesday a memorandum of understanding with the Child Evaluation and Education Center (CEEC) to assist minors who suffer from learning difficulti... December 17, 2021 117 Category: Kuwait
Criminal Court Acquitted 2 Minors Of Stealing Car The Criminal Court acquitted two minors of stealing the car of a company representative (mandoub) at knife point and attempting to sell the car at the scrapyard. The Public Prosecution charged the min... December 16, 2018 294 Category: Crime News
Minors Of Both Genders Can Be Employed At 15 - PAM Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has affirmed the ban on employers from using national manpower on the basis of formality and registering them in order to fulfill the requirement of quota system wi... June 06, 2018 477 Category: Kuwait
Ahmadi Traffic Department Arrested 9 Minors And Seized 18 Vehicles Officers from Ahmadi Traffic Department arrested 9 kids for driving without license; 18 cars confiscated during an intensive traffic campaign that they carried out around the schools and ins... January 26, 2016 1964 Category: Kuwait
Age Of Minors Was Lowered From 18 To 16 Years The Kuwait National Assembly yesterday approved a new law for delinquent juveniles in which the age of minors was lowered from 18 to 16 years in a bid to help authorities curb a sharp increase in the ... November 19, 2015 1325 Category: Kuwait
Cops Arrested 28 Minors, Issued 591 Traffic Citations, And Impounded 31 Vehicles Jahra Traffic Department conducted a surprise crackdown at Yusuf Al-Azbi High School for Boys in Al- Qaser area and arrested 28 minors, issued 591 traffic citations, and impounded 31 vehicles. The cam... October 28, 2015 1378 Category: Kuwait
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