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Husband Mercilessly Assaulting Wife An unidentified woman has filed a complaint with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Police Station accusing her husband of mercilessly assaulting her and has submitted to the police a medical report to substantiate h... September 18, 2019 278 Category: Crime News
China Is Mercilessly Killing Prisoners And Making Billions By Harvesting Organs For Transplant North Korea is hailed as the shadiest country of the world. No one knows for sure what happens there and how many rumors about the place are actually true. On the list of shady countries you will also... June 19, 2019 821 Category: International
Prosecutor Has Issued Arrest Warrant For Manhandling His Wife The Farwaniya Prosecutor has issued a warrant for the arrest of a Kuwaiti for manhandling his wife, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the man allegedly mercilessly beat his wife causing her frac... March 01, 2018 496 Category: Crime News
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