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Is 1,200 Dinars Reward A Blessing Or Is It A Curse? A strange phenomenon surfaced in the Ministry of Information especially in the radio and television sectors after everyone showed their eagerness to prepare and present a program to be eligible to rec... June 15, 2021 252 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Keen To Ensure Press Freedom Kuwait is committed to promoting and ensuring press freedom in the country while preserving the rights of journalists, the Information Ministry said on Monday. In a joint press statement with the U... May 04, 2021 211 Category: Kuwait
Coronavirus Crisis Brought A Surge In Number Of Social Media Users In Kuwait President of the Global Electronic Media Club in Kuwait, Hind Al-Nahedh said lockdown and quarantine measures implemented in Kuwait from March 2020 to September 2020 to counter the spread of COVID-19 ... January 03, 2021 178 Category: Coronavirus
421 New Licenses For Media The Electronic Media Sector in the Ministry of Information granted 22 licenses to various electronic media outlets this November and now that Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nasser took over the ministerial portfolio... December 01, 2020 191 Category: Information
Fines For Dumping Waste From 50 KD Up Till 500 KD The Environment Public Authority (EPA) is currently conducting an extensive media campaign, urging all those going to beaches and desert areas to maintain public hygiene and refrain from dumping waste... November 23, 2020 303 Category: Crime News
A Committee To Monitor Performance Of Media Outlets The Ministry of Information recently formed a committee tasked with monitoring the performance of various electronic, audio, visual and written media during the upcoming parliamentary elections, Al-Qa... November 10, 2020 239 Category: Information
Kuwait Army Denies Rumors Circulated In Various Media Kuwait Army Chief of Staff denied on Thursday what was being circulated through various media outlets, stressing that various sectors of the army are operating according to the readiness status set fo... September 10, 2020 1104 Category: Information
Media Not Permitted Entry Into Lockdown Areas Security checkpoints across the entrances and exits of those areas under lockdown like Hawalli, Farawaniyah, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Mahboula and Khaitan have made it difficult for media to cover the areas... June 05, 2020 545 Category: Lockdown
Media Chiefs Set For Sit-down With PM – Bid For Transparency In a bid to establish a transparent foundation, the Ministry of Information extended an invitation to editors-in-chief of media outlets and other media representatives to an open meeting with HH the P... November 28, 2019 191 Category: Kuwait
Be Cautious Of Suspicious Media Machines Promoting Rumors MP Khalil Abul has warned of the ‘suspicious media machines’, which use mock accounts on the social media to promote rumors in an orderly manner and did not rule out the possibility of &ls... August 20, 2019 272 Category: Kuwait
MoI Extends Working Hours The General Directorate of Public Relations and Security Media Information of the Ministry of Interior has announced the official working hours of the Ministry in evening will extend from 2:30 pm to 5... May 19, 2019 432 Category: Kuwait
8 Suspected Terrorists Killed In Police Raid Says State Media Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Eight members of a terrorist cell were killed in a security operation in Qatif in the Eastern Province, the Presidency of State Security announced on Saturday. The newly formed terrorist cell had p... May 12, 2019 519 Category: International
Sri Lanka Lifted Ban On Social Media Sri Lanka on Tuesday lifted a social media ban that was imposed after the Islamic State-claimed Easter bombings, a sign of security easing even as a Cabinet minister said he and others had received in... May 01, 2019 283 Category: International
Egyptians Happy With Media For Exposing Visa Trading Business In Kuwait Thousands of Egyptians reacted with happiness to the news report that was recently published that the Labor Office of their consulate has suspended the recruitment of Egyptian to work for Small and Me... April 21, 2019 275 Category: Kuwait
Users On Social Media Sites In Kuwait Reaches 3.9 Million In a few years, the social media has created a tremendous information revolution and spread rapidly on all aspects of life, especially the opinion industry in various social, political and economic fo... April 18, 2019 310 Category: Kuwait
Fake News Prompts Call For Media Center Deputy Parliament Speaker Eissa Al-Kandari has submitted a proposal to establish a media center under the umbrella of the Cabinet to counter and disprove rumors before they take root in public opinion... April 04, 2019 226 Category: Kuwait
Social Media Addicts Suffer From Bad Decision-making According to a new study, social media users suffer from the same problem of bad decision-making like drug addicts and gamblers, reports Al-Qabas daily. Researchers of Michigan State University (MS... January 27, 2019 315 Category: Kuwait
Top 10 Issues In Kuwait Cited On Social Media From time to time, some of the accounts on the social networking platforms, in line with the events appear to guide public opinion or broadcast an idea in a phenomenon that may be considered electroni... January 25, 2019 566 Category: Kuwait
Nothing Is Wrong In Purchasing Through Internet, Social Media A number of clerks shared their opinions on purchasing through websites and social media accounts in an interview with the daily. Clerk Muhammad Al-Najdi said Islam allows selling and buying through t... January 15, 2019 312 Category: Kuwait
Social Media Accounts Raise Concern – Foreign Influencers May Target Platform The National Assembly approved the Credit Information Exchange Bill in its second reading Tuesday with 45 members voting in favor while six voted against. Minister of Commerce and Industry Khaled A... January 09, 2019 358 Category: Kuwait