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Students Are Marked Absent On Board Results, Due to Delay in sending Answer Sheets Large number of students who appeared for their 10th and 12th grade NIOS Board Exams in Kuwait are in a quandary when the results were declared as all the students who appeared for the exams in Kuwait... June 20, 2019 486 Category: Kuwait
Precious Metals Marked Weigh 864 Tons Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced Sunday that the total weight of precious metals marked in December was about 864.2 tons, for a 130,000 dinars fee (about $427,000), reports A... January 08, 2019 283 Category: Business
Kuwait And The United States Trade Relations Show Marked Betterment Kuwait and the United States have maintained a vibrant economic relationship over the last few decades, where nonoil bilateral trade reached $3.3 billion last year. Both nations have shown a mutual de... September 04, 2018 532 Category: Kuwait
Central Bank Of Kuwait Marked Golden Jubilee Of Establishment The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) marked on June 30 the golden jubilee of its establishment as the premier governmentbanking institute in the country. According to the CBK, the bank was established by ... July 01, 2018 775 Category: Economics
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