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Its Mandatory To Wear A Face Mask  The Ministry of Health's decision to require all workers in hospitals, health centres, and specialized centres in health areas to wear face masks in order to maintain the health situation... June 18, 2022 1361 Category: Kuwait
Mandatory ‘health’ Starts At KD 130 The CEO of the Health Assurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman), Thamer Arab, revealed that the price of the mandatory health insurance policy that Dhaman will offer to residents in Kuwait will start at 13... November 29, 2021 646 Category: Health Insurance
Saudi Arabia: COVID-19 Inoculation Mandatory For Hajj Vaccination against COVID-19 will be a main condition for participation in this year’s Hajj Muslim pilgrimage, a Saudi newspaper reported, citing a senior health official. Saudi Health Minister ... March 03, 2021 381 Category: Saudi Arabia
Kerala Reduces Mandatory Quarantine To 7 Days Kerala has relaxed the mandatory quarantine for international passengers arriving in the state to seven days from 14 days, a top state government official told Khaleej Times. Kerala is a state on... September 24, 2020 1026 Category: Lockdown
PCR Certificate Mandatory For All Travelers - Kuwait Embassy In UK The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in the United Kingdom stated that those who wish to travel to Kuwait need to obtain PCR certificate accredited health certificate proving that the passenger is negat... September 05, 2020 577 Category: Coronavirus
PCR Test Mandatory For All Arrivals And Departures The PCR examination for the coronavirus is mandatory for all arrivals to Kuwait International Airport, starting in August, whether for citizens or expats who have residency in the country, even if the... July 17, 2020 6110 Category: Kuwait
Check-ups Mandatory Before Rejoining Defense Services Ministry of Defence (MoD) personnel returning from leave have been ordered to undergo medical tests before rejoining services.   The mandatory health check-ups, which come into force star... March 01, 2020 512 Category: Coronavirus
Mandatory To Keep The Visa For 6 Months For Local Transfer I am an engineering graduate with NOC from Kuwait Society of Engineers & would like to know about transfer of residency from my current company. My entry visa to Kuwait is 18 ahli (private) but cu... May 04, 2019 1839 Category: Legal
Mandatory Health Insurance For Visit Visa The National Assembly yesterday overwhelmingly approved a draft law requiring foreigners visiting Kuwait on Visit Visa to obtain a health insurance policy for the duration of the visit.  The l... March 06, 2019 554 Category: Health Insurance
Proposal For Mandatory Fire Extinguishers In Private Residences Rejected Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Hossam Al-Roumi rejected a proposal by the Municipal Council to mandate the presence of fire extinguishers in private residences. According to local media repor... December 25, 2018 316 Category: Kuwait
3 Yrs Mandatory Work Under Sponsor Who Brought You From Abroad I have been new to Kuwait, I have been working as a salesman as per my profession since December 2017 and I have received a much better offer, but my sponsor is not willing to give me the release. Is ... December 21, 2018 455 Category: Legal
Vacation Leave Between Mandatory 3 Months Notice Period My vacation has been approved for July. But I planned my resignation 1st June. Hence June/July/August notice period. Is there any issue for vacation during notice period? Name withheld Answer: O... June 01, 2018 850 Category: Legal
PAM For Engineers To Mandates NOC From The KSE The recent circular issued by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) for Engineers to mandates a no-objection certificate (NOC) from the Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) to get their residency and w... April 12, 2018 3451 Category: Kuwait Society of Engineers
Duterte Was Quoted Mandatory Provisions In The Final Draft Of Bilateral Agreement The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte was quoted as saying he has incorporated what he called “mandatory provisions” in the final draft of the bilateral agreement between the Philippin... March 22, 2018 455 Category: Kuwait
Schengen Visa Entitles Only To A Maximum Stay Of 90 Days Within Every 6 Months THIS information leaflet has been generated by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kuwait to facilitate the visa application process which is carried out in cooperation with Al Qabas Ass... February 27, 2018 1077 Category: Kuwait
Court Dismissed A Lawsuit Filed By Woman Who Demanded Her Right To Oversee The Funds The Family Court dismissed a lawsuit filed by a woman who demanded her right to oversee the funds allocated to her daughter by the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs (PADA). According to the case f... December 11, 2017 479 Category: Crime News
MOE Using Multiple Approaches To Deal With Employees Who Receive Unmerited Social Allowances Ministry of Education is using multiple approaches to deal with employees who receive unmerited social allowances through the mandatory renewal of data every six months, and idle employees will be ref... November 08, 2017 705 Category: Kuwait
Minister Expressed His Pride And Delight Over Kuwaiti Land Forces Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al-Sabah Wednesday August 2, expressed his pride and delight over the honorable mission carried out by the Kuwaiti Land Forces. ... August 04, 2017 642 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Becomes 11th Arab State To Have Mandatory Military Service With its decision to reinstate mandatory military service 16 years after cancelling it, Kuwait has become the 11th country in the Arab world to opt for compulsory conscription. On Sunday, Kuwait sa... July 11, 2017 628 Category: Kuwait
MOI Has Said Those Who Sponsor Their Parents Or Siblings Must Produce A KD 3,000 Certificate To Cover Medical Expenses The Ministry of Interior has said those who sponsor their parents or siblings must produce a KD 3,000 certificate from one of the insurance companies to cover the medical expenses annually. The dai... June 20, 2017 810 Category: Kuwait
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