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Locally Hired – Employer Giving Release For Non Graduate I’m locally hired in Kuwait and this is my 3rd company that I am working. My question is: can I transfer visa to another company even though I’m newly hired only a month ago? My current em... February 16, 2020 555 Category: Legal
Ministry Of Education May Hire Teachers Locally The Ministry of Education is in the process of opening the door for local hiring of teachers in December, at the same time confirming the arrival of 250 Palestinian teachers who were granted direct co... December 10, 2019 373 Category: Kuwait
MOE Continues To Hire Expat Teachers Locally As the Ministry of Education continues its local hiring of expatriate teachers in English, Science, Mathematics and Physics, some 81 thousand teachers reported to their workstations amid challenges to... September 03, 2019 259 Category: Kuwait
Locally Transferred Visa 18 Wants To Change The Job Before 1 Yr I am an Indian female working in the private sector on Visa 18. Before Visa 18, I was on Visa 22. My Visa 18 is valid from 8th October, 2018. This is the first visa for me from my company. For better ... March 12, 2019 690 Category: Legal
3 Asian Expats Were Arrested In Possession Of Locally Manufactured Liquor Three Asian expatriates were arrested in Fintas area in possession of locally manufactured liquor, reports Al-Seyassah daily. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling Fintas a... March 30, 2018 597 Category: Crime News
Asian Engineer Arrested For Trading In Locally Manufactured Liquor An Asian engineer working for a construction company was arrested for trading in locally manufactured liquor. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were patrolling the suburb of Abdulla... August 07, 2017 480 Category: Crime News
Unidentified Expat Arrested For Trafficking In Locally Made And Imported Alcohol Police have arrested an unidentified expatriate for trafficking in locally-made and imported alcohol. The bootlegger was seen standing next to his vehicle in Nugra which was parked on an open groun... July 20, 2017 409 Category: Crime News
Asian Expat Was Arrested In Possession Of 70 Packs Of Locally Manufactured Liquor An Asian expatriate was arrested in possession of 70 packs of locally manufactured liquor in Farwaniya area. According to security sources, Farwaniya securitymen were patrolling Farwaniya Governorate ... May 21, 2017 554 Category: Crime News
Cops Have Arrested An Asian For Selling Locally Manufactured Booze Police have arrested an Indian for selling locally manufactured booze to his customers in public. The arrest came after a Kuwait saw the Indian in front of a house in Khaitan with two bottles of alcoh... April 19, 2017 989 Category: Crime News
3 Asian Expatriates Were Arrested In Possession Of 48 Bottles Of Locally Manufactured Liquor Three Asian expatriates were arrested in Khaitan area in possession of 48 bottles of locally manufactured liquor. Securitymen from Khaitan Police Station were patrolling the area when they noticed thr... December 29, 2016 1835 Category: Crime News
Securitymen Have Arrested An Asian For Possessing 52 Bottles Of Locally Manufactured Alcohol Securitymen from the Khaitan Police Station have arrested an Asian for possessing 52 bottles of locally-manufactured alcohol. The suspect was arrested when a police patrol suspected the man walking al... December 24, 2016 1106 Category: Crime News
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